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This year our summer began the second week in May. Finally on May 18, after a week in the 100’s it cooled off…everyone was really beginning to wilt. The produce from Trader Joe’s wasn’t fairing a whole lot better. I opened a newly purchased package of tomatoes at the beginning of the week only to have them collapse at the slightest touch. So much for tomatoes in my salad.

Then we were graced with a period in the 80’s and low 90’s which was delightful…hot but not too bad. June normally arrives with wonderful hazy mornings that don’t clear till at least noon. Hence the nickname, June Gloom. Well, this year June had other plans. :/

So now it’s July 12 and 100F+. Temps have been in the 100’s since June. We’ll occasionally get two or three days of mid-90’s and then it’s back up into the 100’s. Oh, and I finally figured out why my thermometer outside doesn’t agree with the forecast. The weather station that reports our local temps is located on a golf course that sits high up against the foothills. Of course there’s going to be at least a 10 degree difference. Let’s see, the valley flats covered in asphalt vs. a green well-watered course? Yup, an easy 10 degrees or more.

Today, at 5 p.m. the house is only 87F (30.5C) with window air-conditioner running. For the last week it almost hit 90 (32+C) in here…aauugghh. I have become “one” with my little desk fan.

I noticed the next few days have been revised “upwards” out of the high 90’s into the 100’s (so 110+ for us). This is going to be a very long summer. As much as I love LA, I’m seriously tiring of the heat. Summers used to go from mid-July to mid-September, but now, they’ve stretched from mid-May through the beginning of November. No wonder we’re having a killer drought.

Oh, and btw, I think all golf courses should be closed and greens allowed to die in the face of a drought. I mean seriously, what’s more important, food on the table or a small bunch of boozy fat men with bad comb-overs, wandering around after a little white ball? Oh, I forgot to add,…and then retiring to their extremely well air-conditioned club house for more drinks and munchies. Just my opinion, based on experience.

To illustrate the drought:

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Rather dramatic, yes?

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Downright scary, no?

For some even more dramatic and telling images check out this short article with photos from NASA, showing the Central Valley where so much of the nation’s food is grown.

On a totally different note, my car had to go in for service since the “check engine” light came in. Sigh. Turned out the radiator was cracked as was it’s cap. The gas cap that you have to remove to put gas in the car was also cracked, requiring replacement. So there went $700.00. Could have done without that. Still it’s better than a monthly car payment. Luckily my friend S. could take me there and back, sparing me having to rent a car for 3 days. So that was great!

Have you ever noticed how your appetite diminishes in terribly hot weather? When I went to pick up my car from the shop on Wednesday, I noticed my black linen pants were a bit hard to keep up. The keys in my pocket were pulling them down on the right…rather substantially. I’m not complaining, just making an observation. Will have to dig up a pair the next size down.

Going back to my friend S., her Mom who lives in a small house on her property is 89. She still gets around great despite two total knee replacements and a hip replacement. But last week she decided to give up driving. She has a non-repairable torn rotator cuff in her shoulder and the steering on her car is very stiff. So now S. has to take her everywhere…doctors, labs, groceries, bingo, etcetera. Don’t think it’s sunken in just how much of Ms. S’s time this is going to take up.

Well, that’s all the “excitement” from this coast. I know you can barely stand it. 🙂 I’ll leave you with the following bit of information:  did you know that many hospitals in China don’t label the fourth floors of their buildings because the words “four” and “death” are so similar in Chinese?