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I thought of the title for this post, when I ran across the clip from Dirty Harry, where Clint Eastwood utters the rather infamous phrase “Go ahead, make my day” and thought this would be an appropriate positive twist. A few posts ago, I mentioned possibly putting some of the amazing and heartwarming videos and images that I’ve run across, up on my blog to share with you.

Please note that I am not advocating for or promoting any group, etc., I just think good thoughts and positive feelings shared amongst us could make this whole planet better for everyone and everything. These images and videos come from many different sources. For example the first one below is a life insurance commercial but you’d never know it. Sometimes things are just too good not to pass around.

Okay, now for a cuteness overload. Not a video but it will make getting through Monday much easier. Promise. Here’s a sample:

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Okay, can you not feel happiness in your heart looking at this?

Keep this image in your mind and life may not be all soft and cuddly, but you’ll tend to feel happier about any so-called problems. Just remember to ask yourself, “in five years will this (problem) really matter?”

And last up…you may need tissues, but in a very good way!

Hope you have an excellent beginning of the week. 🙂