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You know, if it’s going to start getting dark earlier, then I think the temperatures should be obliged to do so as well. It’s just common courtesy, isn’t it? I mean, REALLY?

Good grief, it’s 5:50 pm, the sun is setting but is the temperature?  It’s currently 95F (35C) which is unholy. I mean, it’s September for heaven’s sake! It’s a desert climate (meaning it gets cold at night). This is just obscene. No other word to describe it. The weather service issued another heat alert.

When I was a kid back in Wisconsin, Labor Day was the beginning of school. Well, not exactly on Labor Day but you know what I mean. Children, en masse, surged back into the classrooms wearing sweaters. Yes, wool sweaters! How I miss the heavy seasonal changes.

Every year this happens. How is one supposed to get in the mood for Halloween, Thanksgiving or even Christmas, when it’s in the 100’s? We’re just “coming out of it alive” if we’re lucky, when Thanksgiving hits.

Why all this pent up (obviously) grumpiness? Well, get ready, here’s the forecast (read it and weep with me): 106, 109, 111, 106 and so on. Meaning, add 10+ degrees and that’s what it’ll be here. 😦 I’ll repeat, it’s f’ing SEPTEMBER for heaven’s (or in this case HELL’s) sake! Just kill me now and kiss all hopes of lower food prices in the foreseeable future, a fond farewell. DROUGHT, HELL YEAH.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest (along with all my other clothes). Too much info? Too bad. Maybe SoCal should go nude. Actually, did you know one can go sans top in LA legally? One of the “stars” kids did it a few months ago to protest the fur trade (or something like that, I don’t recall the specifics).

This line of thought is brought on by the “news” story that France is re-thinking it’s topless beaches. Frankly, I think the French population is just getting old, like ours and sees that it may not be such a pretty sight as it was 30 years ago.

Well, that was certainly a leap! From one kind of heat to another. Sorry but if it was 98F in your house, would you be very sane? Hmmmmm???

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Photo Source. What can I say?