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After a month’s absence, I’m finally sitting at the desk chair in front of the iMac in my office. Hard to believe how much time has gone by in this room, totally unseen by me. How have you been? Just fine, I hope! I’ve missed you.

I must say that not having access to a computer for four weeks is a disconcerting experience. It’s funny how technology has wormed it’s way into the essence of our everyday lives. I had no idea how dependent I was on my computer.

Unlike my recent “sabbaticals” from the blog, this was one which I had no control over. It all started at the beginning of September when I felt under-the-weather. After a week of this and not being able to (sorry) poop (laxatives didn’t work), it became clear I needed to go to Urgent Care. Simple enough I thought. Well, not really.

Luckily my dear friend S, ferried me to Urgent Care where the doctor refused “my” simple solution after seeing the X-ray of my stomach and intestines. Apparently I mis-diagnosed myself. So from Urgent Care I was whisked to ER in the blink of an eye via ambulance. In an even shorter passage of time, I was off to surgery. Mind you, I remember very little of this, just split second glimpses in no chronological order.

My Stylish Bracelet from the Hospital.

My Stylish Bracelet from the Hospital.

The surgery started with a few entries laparoscopically to locate the problem. It then expanded to a 7-inch incision at the waist. The next day I woke up in the hospital and had new scar to add to the collection on my abdomen.

At this point, all hopes of ever wearing a two-piece bathing suit have been thrown out the window. Not that I’d entertained doing that in the last ten or so years. Just sayin’.

Turns out, half of my colon was necrotic and had to be removed. Apparently it was playing “Twister” with no supervision and completed a twist or loop-de-loop knot preventing the movement of anything. Just swell. I was in the Critical Care Unit for three whole weeks at a probable cost of $300,000+ according to one of my doctors. Thank heavens for insurance…though the bill will still be a killer I’m sure.

After the hospital, I was sent in yet another ambulance to an interim care facility for a week and currently have a nurse who comes to the house daily to change the dressing on the wound. This will go on for ten or more days.

On a different but hospital related note, hospital bracelets now come with little ciphers that get scanned for everything they do or give to you! I felt like a box of cereal in the checkout line at the grocery.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

So that’s how September and part of October came and went for me. I still don’t understand how the whole “Twister” thing in my intestines came to be or why. When I ask, the word “prolapsed” is often used.

On the positive side, I did escape the four week streak of hell here (temps in the 100’s with no let up) since the hospital was kept at the temperature of a refrigerator. In retrospect, I think I’d prefer the electric bill to the hospital bill.