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Well, this is been another version or installment of my ER Adventure. It’s titled, “Getting Back Home After Four Weeks”.  Everything in the refrigerator pretty much spoiled. Even the cheese was sprouting a nasty blue and black beard. I think the real corker was the tube of Grands biscuits that I purchased before my little ER event to use in making chicken pot pie.  The expiration date passed while I was away. As a result the roll had blown open in the fridge and attached itself quite firmly to the bars on the shelf where it sat. I’d always wondered what would happen in such an event. Now I know.

So cleaning out the fridge. What. A. Pain. Luckily I had a stool to sit on so I didn’t aggravate my wound by bending over as I pulled stuff out. Who designed refrigerators? No one over four feet tall, that’s for sure.

And who knew I’d be on a four week vacay from the house. Unlike vacations though, I didn’t have the opportunity to use up all the food before leaving. Sadly, I had just gone to Trader Joe’s and Von’s before the trip to Urgent Care/ER, so there was a good deal to toss.

Currently, I’m still using Von’s delivery. I really like it. As mentioned in an earlier post, my car needs some major help, so I haven’t driven it yet. I’m going to have it towed to the mechanic on December 1, since it’ll spend over a week there I’m sure. It’s not worth having it go in as we approach Thanksgiving since nothing will be done over the holiday. Plus, I want to avoid renting a car. Not that having the dead one in my driveway is of any use…but still.

Oh, and BTW, my absence on the blog can be explained by the following picture:SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBeginning the second week in November, I was rearranging my desk and had to move my iMac (21.5″ screen). I cleared the areas around it and picked it up. As I went to set the beast down, the back left part of the stand caught on the narrow shelving at the back of the desk causing it to lunge towards me. I grabbed it but before I had control of it, the lower right corner of the glass screen hit a candle with a metal cover on it. I had moved it “out of the way” but obviously not enough to avoid an unexpected disaster.

The screen shattered and immediately had thin multi color bars across the bottom and on the right side vertically. I thought I could live with it but as days went by, more and more of the screen vanished under thicker and wider bars of grey and black till all that I could see was about an inch at the very top. I had hoped to hold out till Black Friday, but, no way. So I received my new Mac (identical but twice the ram) a week ago. And here I am, Hi, I’ve missed you!

While thinking of loss, my mind turned to the one year anniversary of Blue leaving this earth on November 18 and taking my heart with him.

Such a sweetheart.

Such a sweetheart.

My brother had to put his 16 year old Vizsla to sleep about the same time. This is what he sent. Just in case you can’t read the sentiments above, I wrote them out below.



“Ghost dog. So much time has passed and yet I still see you from the corner of my eye when I come into a room. I still hear you. I still miss you. Soft feet. Eager footsteps. Always ready for what was next. A swim. A walk. A run. A sleepy afternoon with Tali. 

Our constant companion – the soul of our home. Who would ever dream your leaving could result in such a bottomless space in my soul. I look down into it sometimes and call your name. An echo returns nothing but the sound of my own voice. Your are so completely gone –  only your ashes remain in a small wooden box.

Cannot bear to have you join the other ghosts who linger just beneath the yellow magnolia tree. People and cats. Memories in boxes. I still feel your warmth and the overwhelming joy and happiness you gave me. Gave us. Gave to everyone. To have been so loved is my only consolation in your loss. That I was so lucky to be with you…if only for a little while.”  Russ

No, November is not a good month for me apparently no matter what the year. November 30, 2009 I lost Alpine (aka Frost) at 2 in the morning. Alpine 8-12-06This Thursday would have been my mother’s 97th birthday. It seems there’s just a lot of loss and memories in the eleventh month of the year for me.

Another November loss:  anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination 51 years ago. That was on Saturday, the 22. I had a feeling I was missing the date but I didn’t find a single mention of it anywhere. All weekend.

The 35th President of the United States (1917 – 1963). He’d be 97, same age as my mom would have been. Wow, didn’t realize that till just now.

I guess the important thing to remember is to live in the present and not fall into the trap of  “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”
John Lennon (and others)

Well, that wraps it up for this month. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are surrounded by people who love and support you and your dreams. Thank you for stopping by, reading, liking and commenting on my blog. It means the world to me!