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If you ever wonder why you pay and pay and pay all those insurance premiums month after month, year after year, I’m here to tell you why. $370,000 is why. That’s what the hospital charged for three weeks “room and board” in their critical care unit. It doesn’t include any tests, doctors, ambulance trips, the week at the interim care unit or the three weeks of visiting nurses. It is only, as stated, room and board.

Do you need some help getting up of the floor? Some smelling salts perhaps? I completely understand your passing out after reading about just a small portion of my bill. After I recovered from seeing it, I ran some numbers. Taking my monthly Blue Cross premiums for the last seven years, I found they averaged about $700 per month, including yearly deductibles. If you only apply the room and board costs for the hospital, I will have been “reimbursed” for over 40 years of premiums!

So yes, this is why one carries insurance. It’s kind of like a game of Russian Roulette. You may never get to the one chamber in the gun with the bullet, but if you do and you eat the bullet, as in have a major illness, you will be really happy to have the insurance.

I won’t even get started on how utterly obscene that bill is. Especially since it doesn’t include all the other services that will be added to it over a seven week period. I dread adding them all up, which I’ll have to do for 2014 taxes. It’ll probably reach half a million dollars. Can you believe that?