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Living on a reasonably busy street that is also the main route when emergency vehicles need to rush from one end of town to the other, I’ve grown used to the pretty constant noise of cars. But to illustrate just how long we’ve gone without regular rainfall I was shocked today at just how much wet roads amplify tire noise. Yes, shocked.

Ordinarily it’s just a kind of white noise that one gets used to and ignores. But as I sit here today typing, it sounds like the cars have snow tires on. Very strange.

We’re still enjoying a nice, even, soft rain. Very much like the kind we enjoyed all day last Friday which lasted well into the night. And like Monday and Tuesday. Today’s precipitation seems to be the same kind of medium, not heavy rain. It’s been falling pretty much all day. This is a really good thing since too much of a downpour would cause landslides in all the areas that had wildfires this last year.

I took a look at yesterday’s post and was surprised to find the falling snow flakes that I had turned on in WordPress last year had returned! They really help with the holiday mood. That or I’m just easily amused. Probably the latter.

On that note, I’ll share with you some interesting links I’ve come across. The first is QuizSocial.com. I just took a test to see if I could pass the test to become a U.S. citizen. I got 8 out of 10 so I passed.

You could try “how well do you Disney movies” (apparently I don’t know Disney well, only got a 4) or “which classic Hollywood beauty are you” (I got Marilyn Monroe) or “how old is your soul“. I did ace “how sharp is your memory” so it’s not all bad. The only thing I’d like is to know what the “right” answers were when I got one wrong.

Next, a link that will put a smile on your face. I did for the participants. 

There’s also this link, it’s a Friskies commercial but I think it’s pretty well done. 

And lastly, I apologize if this is a repeat, it just is really sweet and magical.