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Since I didn’t do anything special for Christmas, I decided I had to at least attempt something celebratory for New Year’s so I made Salmon Roll-ups. The cool thing is that you can store them till needed in the freezer. Just like my ham and cream cheese roll-ups! Delicious!

Didn’t take a picture of it since I didn’t set up a whole platter. It’s just me after all. The photo above is sort of what they looked like but made with salmon not ham. Here’s the video recipe for you. It’s from Rouxbe.com (MSN) which doesn’t have any link to the video that I can copy and paste into this post so it will play here. So just click on the link “video recipe”.

Oh, and while I was hunting for an image to get the idea of what these little bites of heaven looked like, I found a few other interesting recipes along the same line here, here and here. Oh, and here. Here too!

I hope the coming year will bring happiness and joy, leaving all sadness and despair at the door. Of course that won’t happen but I can wish. And so I wish you the best year yet! Thank you for dropping in to visit.