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For the last week plus temps had dipped into the low to mid 60’s (15’sC) during the day and low 40’s (4’sC) at night. It’s hard to type when your hands feel like ice cubes which is kind of an oxymoron. “Feel” and “ice cubes”, get it? If they’re ice cubes how can they feel?

Continuing on, I’ve had the heat on every single night because I was so cold. Uncharacteristically, I even turned it on a few times during the day which I rarely do. Don’t want to see my gas bill for the month. Anyhow, today it’s 85F (29.5C)! This is the kind of weather that starts the cold and flu season going. Ugh.

Over the weekend, I ran across an interesting article on the “anniversaries” of historic events that are coming up this year. To the day I die, I’ll always remember watching the moon landing with my parents and brother on a television in the lobby of a hotel in Rome, Italy on July 16, 1969.


Remember how long it took for NASA to figure out Neil Armstrong’s “one small step” because it was so garbled?

This year commemorates the passing of Vincent Van Gogh on July 29, 1890. Did you know he sadly only sold one painting in his lifetime? Recently, his “Still Life, Vase with Daisies and Poppies” sold for $61.8 million to a Chinese movie mogul. Must be a lot of money in Chinese movies.

I know you were expecting one of his paintings, but I find his drawings enchanting. No reliance on color to carry them off, just movement and brushstrokes, so much done with so little. Though I must confess that the painting below is a real favorite,

(if it’s possible for one to have only one favorite).

November will see the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s presentation of the Theory of General Relativity to the Prussian Academy in Berlin.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Love this photo!

For more anniversaries (and there are a lot), see this link. You’ll be quite surprised.