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I was going along, minding my own business and sorting through emails today when I fell into a rabbit-hole called zergnet.com. Billed as having “movies, gaming, entertainment, sports, food & drink, men’s lifestyle”. The real trap is “food and drink”. Been here in the past and I think it’s even worse than Pinterest. At first even I couldn’t remember how I got there, because as I said, it takes you on a ride down quite a rabbit-hole where one thing leads to another and yet another. But I finally traced my way back a Tasting Table email I received. They have some goodrecipes and food info. Like one on mushroom broth made with dried shiitakes but without salt.

Some of the links hook you up to websites like bettycrocker.com where you’ll find things like slow cooker recipes with the inevitable (gag) one to two cans “cream of ?” added. But overall, it’s a nice ride with a lot of recipes and other food info from many sources. For example, you can find recipes with more fake ingredients than real ones in them like the “Mock Wendy’s Frosty” with 66 calories. Well, yes, it has very few calories because it’s nutritionally devoid of any real food. The majority of ingredients that go into it, I wouldn’t consume alone much less in concert with each other. Then there are informative links like finding out just what’s in McDonald’s fries. Personally I’m taking these videos with a grain of salt since they’re made by McDs. You could also view how McRibs are made.

Something that insures a McRib sandwich will never cross these lips. Seriously. Watch the video link above the photo, “how McRibs are made” and you’ll think twice. On a much healthier note, along with eating less and less meat (beef, lamb, etc.) over the past two plus years, I’ve managed to incorporate some beans (aka little fiber bombs) into my diet, as in the main ingredient. I’m much more of a green bean fan than a “bean” fan. Don’t care for refried beans, kidney beans or pintos, so this was a challenge for me. As a kid my only exposure was via my mom’s chili. But even back then, I slid any kidney beans I got back into the pot whenever Mom and Dad weren’t looking or spit them into my napkin. To this day I buy the smallest half can of kidney beans when I make chili. It’s what you would call a token concession to an old family recipe. Even then I’ve been known to slide a few to a dog or two back in the day. Oddly enough, I really like black beans. How that happened I don’t know. Love black bean soup too. About a week and a half ago I concocted a combo (one couldn’t really call it a recipe) with those as the main ingredient. Black beans. I loved it. “Black Bean Slop Mashup” 🙂 2 cans of black beans (.73) 1 can no/low-sodium, diced tomatoes (.84) 1 chopped red onion (1.29) 3 peeled, sliced cloves garlic (.15?) 1 bunch fresh cilantro, rough chopped (.60) Wash the beans off really well in a fine sieve to get rid of the gas-causing element then dump all into the pot. Heat. Smash some of the beans and cook over low heat for one hour. I actually let it go longer so the beans would start breaking down.  It cost $4.19 and yielded 3 big servings. Would have cost less if I used a red onion from a bag vs. a single one. That’s one of the concessions one makes when ordering from Von’s delivery service. Once dished up, I did add a bit of salt. The second night I had it, the flavors had really melted together. Yum. I made it again today only I added two fresh tomatoes that needed to be used up. Chopped up, skin, seeds and all went in the pot. (See note below about the tomatoes.) For the first serving, I left out the can of tomatoes. But I’m itching to change it up a bit. So tomorrow I’ll include the can of tomatoes and maybe some BBQ sauce. A can of flavored tomatoes may be appearing a future version. Plus I may succumb to dry beans to save even more money. Was also thinking rice, like Basmati (which I love and buy in twenty pound sacks at Costco though I just read that the classic Royal Basmati has been replaced by Kirkland’s own brand. Fail Costco.).

Not sure. Any thoughts on the BBQ sauce or any other ingredients? Chili powder and chili flakes are not an option per my stomach. Anyways, no pic, sorry. But really? Photos of black bean slop? 🙂