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Just like last year, the Queen palm is quite happy, producing abundant inflorescences full of seeds. And just like last year the “mow and blow gardener” is ignoring them when he should be removing them at the point they first opened. 😦

If he doesn’t, the seeds ripen and fall creating a mound of sticky, slimy, rotting “fruit” that the ants love. Just what we don’t need. And of course he doesn’t rake the mess up after it falls, just let’s it all sit there till the grass grows up and over them creating yet another mound in the lumpy lawn. Once grass-covered he simply mows over them like it’s part of the lawn. If he would remove them when the first open they wouldn’t get to be such large, unwieldy bundles.

Since the beginning of September, I’ve asked him, in person, on five separate occasions to trim the darn things. The last time his response was that he’d have to get permission from the property manager (PM). (Insert a silent scream here.) What’s wild is that the PM already called him several times telling him to remove them, or so she said. When I last spoke with her, she assured me he’d take care of it this week.

To give you an idea of the size of these sprays, the fence next to the palm is six feet tall! So these babies are big.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe mow and blowers come every other Monday. So Monday February 16 was their day. While taking the garbage out today, two days later, I also noticed that the inflorescences STILL hadn’t been cut. Turns out he trimmed the Mexican Windmill palm of several layers of dead branches which was needed but not immediately. As a result of almost four+ months of gardening neglect, the spikes are now huge, ripening and beginning to fall to the ground. They must each weigh at least 100 pounds. And there are three of them! I go through this every year and yet it seems “all new” to the same gardener every single year. Hence the title of this post.

On a totally different note, I just thought I’d let you know about a wonderful little site that’s great and cheap, if like me, you’ve said good-bye to cable (or in my case, never said “hello” to begin with) and are pinching pennies. It’s https://acorn.tv/. Costs $4.99 per month and has lots of British offerings that may not be picked up by the BBC. And aren’t British programs often far better than our U.S. network broadcasting? IMHO.

Got all of the Doc Martin series (only partially available on Hulu), William and Mary (also featuring Martin Clunes) as well as Martin Clune’s Wildlife and Rosemary and Thyme. You can binge-watch to your heart’s content, it’s quite lovely.

Also found Wild at Heart, a production where a family that goes to South Africa on holiday, falls in love with it and stays. Though I do have to say it turns a bit “soapy” on the way through the seven series. Still, fun to watch for the animals and environment. There’s a load of other shows, so check it out if you’re on a budget and looking for new programs. Seriously, lots of other programs, go and have a look!

Well, that’s it for today. BTW, if you’ve got a ton of snow and cold, please, oh please wish it this way. We so need it or it’ll be the longest summer and shortest winter in history. I’m serious! And thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to me. xox