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Well, the mow and blow guys arrived last Monday and removed the three inflorescences from the palm. Yay! No gooey pile of rotting fruit to torment me.

Gone finally!

Gone finally! Not the tree just the seed spikes.

I can’t believe it took seven months to get through the guys’ thick skulls. In the end, they just made more work for themselves by delaying removal. Silly men.

On the weather front, while planes were sliding off air strips at La Guardia last week, we hit 94F on Sunday. Not good. It looks like we’re skipping not only Winter but Spring and going straight for Summer. The balance of this week has highs predicted in the low 90’s. Maybe the “Winter” we faced was actually our “Spring”. Good grief, I hope not!

And “now for something completely different” (in the words of Monty Python and Co.). It’s been a while since I shared some interesting links with you, so here goes.

Found this link to an article on how you can use your crockpot as a steamer.

Something to remember when you don’t want your kitchen steamed up by a pot on the stove this summer. How awesome is that?

Another subject I found interesting is making your own flavored salts. Yes, I know I’m trying to ingest less salt, but if there’s a flavor entwined with the salt I’ll bet less salt would be consumed in the end. Here is a link with the how-to as well as flavor ideas. And another link with even more DIY ideas on how and with what ingredients.

I’m starting a list of things to make for Christmas with the time needed to complete each. Flavored salts may be happening as Christmas gifts this year.  🙂

Since restoring my files on my new iMac, I’ve been compiling a list of questions and other stuff that I can’t figure out or are in a new location in Yosemite vs. Mavericks. Needed to call Apple support but dreaded the long wait to get a human. So I checked support last Friday and there was only a two minute wait before someone would call you back. Woohoo! Left my name and number and sure enough Joanne the tech called me back in under two minutes!

Spent an hour and forty minutes on the phone with her and got all my questions answered. She even walked me through the app “Pages” which is all new to me. OMG! It’s awesome. I’m so excited. TextEdit (TE) has been torturing me. I was used to Microsoft Word and Excel so TE was terrible. No way to have 2 or so columns on a page or insert an image and have the text wrap it! I used to be very conversant in Quark Express and Photoshop in the 90’s. They’re what I used to design my catalogs in, so TE was like returning to the stone age.

Yes, I would have kept using those graphic programs, upgrading them, but they were for the PC so I would have had to buy new ones for the Mac and as you must know that’s a pricey proposition. So Pages is great.

Next I asked about screen shots because I saw an ad for an app for PCs where you could not only take a screen shot but could snip a specific picture, portion, text or graphic off the page. She then proceeded not only to show me those tricks, but how to use the iCloud (which I hadn’t attempted to deal with yet) and again, Notes. Hallelujah! After 4 years of TE torture, I had control of columns, pic placement and more. I was deliriously happy. I know, easily amused, what can I say?

In case you’re wondering, you hold Command, Shift and 3 down for a screen shot (the computer makes a little camera click sound so you know it took a pic) and Command, Shift and 4 down for a snippet. Little crosshairs come up for you to select what part of an image you want and once you select it with the little tool, poof, it’s on your desktop. Then you just drag it to the document you’ve created in Pages in i Cloud, that’s the only catch, you need to use iCloud, but it was so easy. Plus you have the ability to size the image to fit into the page you created. Then you just save it (Save As) like any document to the folder you wish. Isn’t that neat? Again, guess I’m easily amused… 🙂

The end result was simply that the extra money I paid to Apple for 3 years of Apple Care far exceeded what I got from Best Buy with my first iMac. No comparison at all. Remember that if you’re in the market for an Apple.