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After my stint in the Intensive Care Unit back in September/October for three weeks, I began using Von’s Delivery to get groceries. It’s so easy. It’s $12.95 for a 1 hour delivery window, but if you pick the 4 hour delivery window, it only costs $6.95. If you order $150 worth of groceries (since I order about two to three weeks of food this isn’t a problem), it drops to $3.95. How sweet is that? The guy delivering brings them around the back and puts them on the counters in the kitchen for me. So Win and Win.

It's very easy to maneuver about their site.

It’s very easy to maneuver about their site.

No more dragging bag after bag through the garage, up the cement stairs and into the house and then collapsing in exhaustion! That part was actually harder than shopping when your knees have zero cartilage. Oh, and if you enroll in the Just 4 U thingy, it tracks what you buy and you get some really amazing discounts (like half price on stuff)! The only negative is that you don’t get what’s on sale in the weekly flyer but of late I don’t eat that much meat so it’s not that big of a deal. (No affiliation to Von’s BTW).

As a result, I’ve finally given up my 2+ year long stint of Caesar salads from TJ’s for dinner and am actually planning 2-3 meals (w/ leftovers) per week which is a real accomplishment. I do have to break the steps up and sit between chopping onions and the other ingredients due to my knees, but I’ve enjoyed having hot food. For some reason even though this is a mild winter, I’m colder than normal and that’s with the heat on (gas bill last month was $60, the highest its ever been).

I wrote this less than a month ago. Oh how my circumstances have changed. We’ve had temps in the low to mid 90’s for at least half of the days last week and they continued  over the weekend and today. Ugh. Ugly. Just Ugly.

After finding the pasta salad listed on last Friday’s post, this weekend I decided to start collecting summer salads and cold pasta combos in a bookmark folder entitled “Hot Weather Meals”. I still have a few hot meals to make (like Cheesy Broccoli Soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup, Morracan Chicken with Olives and Lemon and Chicken Pot Pie) and then it’s back to the land of salads till November. I thought I’d have more time to enjoy hot meals. Sadly it doesn’t look that way. I actually did eat a bowl of cold Caldo Verde last Friday. It was still quite tasty even though I didn’t heat it. It was just too bloody hot.

Watch the video below and tell me this salad doesn’t look scrumptious.

So I spent this afternoon going through Pinterest, other websites and blogs hunting for salads to share with you. Now if you’re still up to your eyeballs in snow, my apologies. But I really need to start preparing to delete the heat in the kitchen before So Cal is behind the royal 8-ball of heat.

P.S. This week I get to enjoy 1.5 quarts of Von’s Select black cherry and vanilla ice cream FREE with my order. Perfect when you’re overly roasty-toasty.