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Ran across a few sites yesterday that can suck you in sort of like Pinterest and thought I’d share them with you. Why should I be the only one who blew an entire afternoon? :p You’re welcome.

First we have Despair.com. Motivational posters were big when I worked for a large medical device corporation which is why I think I’m drawn to this website. The corporate environment was so negative that it just begged to be lampooned.

These are just a few of the de-motivational posters that can be found there. Quite a few made me laugh out loud. While you’re there, take a look at a section called “illboards” which is also pretty funny.

Next up is Cuteoverload.com.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. This little cutie was thought to be extinct for two decades.

I think you get the idea. Photos and videos of unbearable cuteness.

Last we have Fark.com billed as “Real news. Real Funny”. An example is this young girl who taxidermies road kill. You must go to this link and scroll down till you get to the video with Steve Harvey interviewing the girl. I think the audience reactions are almost as good as the interview, especially when she describes how she loves the “brain-scooper”.

Well, that’s it for today. Hope this brightened your Wednesday! (No affiliation with any link BTW.)