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Over the weekend, I chanced upon some rather humorous videos of Corgis swimming and thought I’d share them with you. The underwater shots are pretty cute. (Sorry for the ads at the beginning of some of the videos.) First we have “Swimming Corgis”:

Due to their long bodies note how hard they have to work to keep their rears from sinking down as they paddle. Next we have “Swimming in a River”:

I get such a kick out of watching their little legs keep paddling even when they’re lifted out of the water. The next one is so cute because his/her little legs are flapping so hard. It was aptly titled “Good Luck with Short Legs”.

Such a little fluff ball! The following one illustrates why the little low riders need life vests. Note how when the Corgi finally dives in he/she flips over completely.

Then we have the swimming championship…

Note how pooped out the two babies in the pink polka dot life vests are at the end of the contest. Bet they’ll sleep well. Now, lest you think it’s just Corgis who swim when lifted in the air, here’s a compilation of a number of little characters doing the same thing.

And last, on a totally different note, we have “Trying to Take a Nap on Train Tracks”:

Some of the looks and glares the stubborn little Corgi gives the cameraperson when a train runs into him crack me up. I’m surprised the little creature doesn’t just pick one up and give it a good thrashing. Well, I don’t want to Corgify you to death so I’ll stop, but hopefully this added a little smile to your Monday.