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Had a rather rough Easter weekend (more about that later). But over the last week, I got to thinking, I’ve been remiss in not telling you about our weather of late. My sincere apologies if you’re still swamped with snow. But since I complain here, on a regular basis, about the rotten hot weather, I wanted you to know how nice it’s been for a change. It reminds me of why I moved to California from Chicago ages ago.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For the last three weeks we’ve had absolutely stunningly, beautiful spring weather! It’s been in the 70’s and low 80’s and is such an absolute gift when you’re facing a colossal drought and a potentially hideous seven months of summer to come. Plus it’s actually been cold (like 50 to 55F) (10 to 12.7C) at night which is what makes this weather turn out so lovely.

This morning was so beautiful with a lovely cloudy sky. Supposedly we’re going to get rain tomorrow…hopefully.

Later in the day:  well, it did rain, though very softly, but I’ll take all we can get. Oh, about the weekend. I’d been insanely dizzy for about one and a half weeks but Saturday was just scary. Kept “listing” to the right for some reason. No idea why. Thus I lost my balance at one point in the evening and fell. While trying to get to the bed to haul myself up (remember, no cartilage in my knees so I can’t kneel) I became entangled in the oriental rug. Surprisingly easy to do, oddly enough. The room is also small so there’s only about a foot of space between the bed and the wall to maneuver and my feet were under the bed.

Anyhow, after 45 minutes, I gave up and called the fire department for help getting untangled. Of course by then my blood pressure was through the roof and the dizziness was no better. The paramedics insisted I go to the ER which involved an ambulance ride (goodbye $2000) because they felt I might be having a stroke.

Well, a fortune in tests and twelve hours later, nothing. They didn’t find a thing. 😦 I mean, I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious but what a waste of money…my health insurance deductible started over on January 1 of this year so the first $11,000 in bills is “on me”. Thus the weekend was not so great.