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Photo Source. This link has a load of ideas for storing spices!

Subs. No, not submarines or sandwiches, substitutes. I’ve found a bunch of links for subs in the kitchen when you’re cooking and discover you’re missing an important element in a recipe and don’t have any desire to go out to the store for one more single thing. You know that feeling.

It actually all started when I happened upon a link for an Old Bay seasoning sub. Well, two hours later…whew! I wasn’t actually cooking myself, but was interested because I have a few cans of crab meat calling to me from the pantry and a few crab cake recipes vying for attention. And who doesn’t love crab and crab cakes?

Most recipes call for Old Bay but not being in love with heat and a burning tongue I wanted to see what I could switch to get an OB “taste-kind-of-alike” and lower the heat. Yes, I am a whimp.

Still remember when I was married, going to a trendy restaurant that had just opened in LA, called Orleans. We ordered dinner and even though I selected the item least likely to be spicy, I couldn’t eat it without something to break up the heat. Yes, it was that hot/spicy. So I picked up a roll from the bread basket thinking it would be a perfect break from the burn.

It.Was.Not. OMG. It burned even more. Swear the the mirror on the wall was two-way and the waitstaff was just standing behind it laughing at people fanning their open mouths. Even my ex who could eat fire, encountered more than a few sweat-inducing mouthfuls as he ate. But I digress, so first we have Just a Pinch.com where I found one Old Bay recipe

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as well as a bunch of other spice mix and rub recipes to substitute in a pinch. If you scroll to the bottom of each the recipe in the link, you’ll find links to other mixes. I also found this version.

So you can see how easy it was to go down the spice “rabbit hole” for two hours. But so worth it. Even found one for Spice Islands Beau Monde which is one ingredient in my sour cream dip. Love this dip, it’s so versatile, but more on that later. Note: This link bills itself as closer to the original Beau Monde, so I’m including it here.

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Photo Source. Aren’t these the cutest jars?

Here are even more substitute links: Taco Mix and more here and here. Then there’s Fajita Mix. Plus here and here and here. There are also meatloaf mixes. Or here. One billed itself as gourmet meatloaf (not impressed) so I offer this which looks much better. The glaze sounds really good.

There’s a recipe for Berbere, an Ethiopian Spice mix which the author acquired from Whole Foods. Here’s another. One that I really needed is Garam Masala, the one in my cabinet (a 12 oz. jar!) has to be ten years old! And I love curry.

Need to sneak a batch in before it heats up for summer. But why settle on just one version when I can also choose from thisThis one has a boat load of ingredients! Here’s one that’s not quite so over the top.

Thinking of curry, I should make Curried Cream of Asparagus soup since asparagus are in season. It’s the perfect recipe for thick stalks since you need to peel them with a veg peeler or the soup is stringy. Oh my, that is such delicious soup, warm, cold or room temperature. I could consume the entire pot! Will include the recipe soon. P.S. Peeling is the secret to delectable white asparagus btw and do not put the peelings down a disposal unless you relish turning a bunch of cash over to a plumber. Asparagus peelings and Insinkerators do not mix.

I know some of you have mentioned harissa in recipes so I found this and this and this for you. Then there’s ras-el-hanout. And that was just from one website! If you want to keep going, check out this link for another ton, okay maybe not a ton but quite a large number.

Well, hope you enjoyed the links, the last one is another rabbit hole btw. I actually had to force myself to close out of it so I could make dinner…lol. Oh and about my sour cream dip. I’ve been making this for years and years and find it goes with veggies, chips, you name just about anything and it’s scrumptious.

You just put equal amounts of the spice mixes listed below in a 16 ounce tub of sour cream. I, myself, like Knudson’s but it’s up to you. Use about 2-3 teaspoons each. Mix and wait. After about two hours in the fridge, stir and taste adjusting up if needed.

Oh dear. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. I just looked up the sodium content of the ingredients…something I probably shouldn’t have done. Yikes. Now I just may be finding subs for myself.

Amount of sodium in a quarter teaspoon: Lawry’s lemon pepper = 80 mg/ 1/4 t. (1 g) Spice Islands Beau Monde =150 mg/.25 t. ALT = EQUAL PARTS ONION POWDER AND CELERY SALT McCormick’s Bon Appetit = 200 mg sodium / 1/4 t. (.9 g) and has MSG Still makes a really great and tasty dip.