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I’ve run across a number of fun little things in the last few days while surfing the web. Well, maybe they’re not all so fun but in the this case, if you have a blog you’ll want to know about the first item just in case you missed it.

Google has changed it’s algorithm to take into account mobile searching. Who cares what the algorithm is, what matters is that your site must be mobile friendly. Now, the article I read, said to just check your blog stats. Well, I must be blind or they’re hiding really well, ’cause I couldn’t find that info anywhere for this blog.

Fortunately, the article had a link to Google where you can enter your URL and it will check for you. This blog is mobile-friendly I discovered. To see if your blog is too, just go here. Apparently WordPress themes are mobile-responsive.

On a completely different topic, now that the medical/scientific people have lifted the ban on egg-eating I’ve been enjoying them several times a week. I love eggs in any form, my favorite being sunny side up with bacon. Bacon is still on the “eat-very-little” list so I’ve been consuming hard and soft boiled eggs instead.

Lately I’ve even been enjoying these little nutrition packs as quick, easy and inexpensive dinner alternatives. While doing so, I’ve become fascinated with cooking techniques. I already blogged about boiling eggs here and now I’m looking into poaching which looks like a real challenge. As you’ll see from the series of videos below, it’s not.

So I have a few links to share with you about poaching eggs. First up is a video from thekitchn.com.

It’s nice to see what is meant by boiling vs. “my” version of boiling (as in a rolling boil, not what’s needed)  🙂

This next link is from the New York Times. It’s a really short video and has a great tip picked up from Julia Child that really appears to put an end to all the flying white wisps. Note: it’s not the pin in the eggshell which may or may not work per various people. Plus it’s so ridiculously easy!

The following connection is from Jamie Oliver. It’s 3 ways to poach eggs. It’s the last one or #3 that I found the most interesting.

The next article is also from thekitchn.com. Poaching an egg in the microwave. Crazy easy and perfect for when you suddenly feel the need to finish off a dish with a special touch on top. Initially this will take a bit of trial and error due to the assorted voltages that microwaves come in.

Here’s another short video of using the microwave for poaching your breakfast, lunch or dinner egg.

I’ve included the next video because it explains what keeps the egg from exploding in the micro.

And one more:

So now there’s no reason, when the urge strikes, not to top off whatever you make, be it dinner or a salad or you name it, yum! Enjoy 🙂