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Photo Source.

This is our current wildfire. It’s in Big Bear and is moving East in the San Bernadino National Forest. It’s about 95 miles from LA but the area burning is old forest which hasn’t burned in a while, so lots of tinder. This area hasn’t burned in 104 years, according to records.

As a result the air here is not good. I didn’t really think about this till yesterday evening when I noticed how congested my bronchial area was. Constant throat clearing and hacking even though we’re so far away! Sure enough, just read that an air advisory has been issued for the whole area.

It’s been like that all day today which is getting old. I can’t imagine the poor firefighters up there in the thick of it! I have a friend who lives in Big Bear so I bet she’s glad the fire is moving away from her and the populated area. I’ve lost track of how many days it’s been burning.