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I think everyone in L.A. will agree that summer has over-stayed his/her hot welcome. Temps for the next week are forecast to be in the oppressive 100’s. Gasp! Not nice. Especially when half of your face looks like you were shoved into a brick wall, is brilliant red with purple tinges and swollen (I won’t frighten you with a photo; it’s that bad!). And particularly when one of your upper molars started screaming bloody murder this morning.

Luckily, I have a great dentist which is why I now drive over one half of an hour to see him. He actually called me back yesterday when I left a message on his special phone number for emergencies. Yes, on Labor Day! As a result, he will be squeezing me into his schedule today.

He also called in a prescription for antibiotics yesterday which my neighbor across the street, A. kindly picked up for me. I couldn’t drive if I wanted to, my right eye is so swollen. She usually goes to Trader Joe’s on Sundays or holidays and asked if I needed anything. What a saint.

Another saint in my roster is my friend S. and her sweet husband J. She couldn’t take me to the dentist tomorrow (she herself has doctor appointments) so she volunteered her husband. I really am blessed!

I need a little cheering up here so I’ll post a couple of videos. One actually hints at an upcoming post. First, your very own countdown to the end of summer right here!

And then this video of incredible fluffy cuteness!

The beautiful music in the above video is very relaxing. So too are the images. Just look at the little paws reaching for the man’s shorts to make sure he sees them. I really needed that!