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In some ways I’m glad I grew up when I did (no helicopter parents and so on). I’m also glad I “have” all my kitchen “things” like the little ring with the measuring spoons on it. Plus with a limited budget I’m not tempted by things like this:

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Go here if you want to get one BTW (no affiliation).

What’s annoying about gadgets like this is first their cost. This item is $55.00 plus shipping. Second, is that it will need batteries and probably not your basic AA’s or AAA’s. It brings to mind my digital cooking thermometer that’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for over two years to remind me it needs batts. And I have no idea how to open it in order to see what kind of battery is needed.

I took it to Bed, Bath and B (where I purchased it) and they were mystified. Couldn’t even figure out how to open it. Called the company that manufactured it and they were of no help either. Glad I still have my old “analog” one with the dial. It may not be instant but it’s accurate and needs no batts.

The gadget up above is described this way “Simplify life and replace the large and painstaking rings of teaspoons and tablespoons occupying much needed space in your baking cabinet”. I didn’t realize my ring of measuring spoons was large and painful, did you? They nest very nicely and take up the space of a small spoon.

On a totally different note, I just have to say here and now that I don’t think “the donald” should get Secret Service protection paid for by us! You must watch the video in the attached link. Watch it to the very end which will give you an idea of how often this doesn’t happen.

Like Trump doesn’t have enough money. This alone would be reason enough for me to never ever vote for the fool! OMG, where does the lunacy stop and when will we the people totally run out of money to fund government crap. Sorry, but this just has smoke coming out my ears.

Now for a happier note. *****Corgi falls in H2ORan across this photo on The Daily Corgi and thought it was hysterical (though I hope the little honey wasn’t hurt when going over and into the water). Corgi’s are just so cute!!!!!!