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Isn’t it odd how when things, events, and so on are out of sight (so to speak) we still get odd mental “jogs” about their presence? Such is the case with my beloved little Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Blue.

Such a sweetheart.

Blue…such a sweetheart.

Of late, more than normal, he’d been on my mind and to me, for no particular reason I thought, other than I loved and still missed the little honeybun.

Turns out, November 18,2015 was the two year anniversary of having to put him to sleep because of the crippling disease degenerative myelopathy or DM. Found this out on my computer calendar. I hadn’t realized how little time had passed since he left. He was just…gone.

DM is like ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. If you want an idea of what DM or ALS is like, you can find an amazing portrayal by Hillary Swank in the movie “You’re Not You” (currently streaming on Netflix). It broke my heart to watch it because I watched Blue go through it.

It’s an excellent movie, I hope you enjoy it and learn about these two horrid diseases.

xo Christine