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Photo Source. Can't recall. Sorry.

Photo Source. Can’t recall. Sorry.

Well, I must apologize for my lengthly sabbatical absence from this blog. Sorry. See that puppers up there?  Kind of how I feel.

Going through some angst about aging. Suddenly my skin looks like an old woman’s when I look at my arms. Plus I’m waiting for the landlord for this property to jack up the rent another 10%. Cringe. LA is just becoming obscene to live in.

Oh, and add to that we’ve had a very early and brief spring sadly, with little in the way of rain.  😦  Today it hit 94F (34.5C) and will repeat the same tomorrow. 😦 Yeah, I’ve just been kind of bummed lately. Again, sorry. I’ll try to be better. If you’ve checked in periodically, thank you! From the very bottom of my heart!