I originally was reluctant to hire any kind of help until I met a worker from the company “24Hr. Homecare” located in Encino (818-385-0227…DO NOT CALL THEM), CA. Huntington Hospital called them when I was released from 4 weeks of intensive care after emergency surgery took 5″ of necrotic colon out of me. It had become twisted.

Long story, short…I had no one to take me home. So someone there knew of this service. I got a great person, Brittany who is not remotely representative of the slimebags they employ.

I have been finding things missing in my house such as DVDs and so on. Objects easily stashed in a tote or purse. Tonight I checked on the French knife set I bought for my niece’s wedding that I had stored in the silverware drawer (still in it’s original box!) and found it gone!

So the takeaway is DO NOT EVER HIRE THIS COMPANY to help you…NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!

Getting old SUCKS.