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As you age, touch typing after a long hospital/nursing-home stay is tough. Like now, I tried to type a paragraph and wound up erasing it far more easily. Anyways, it’s (good grief, having to forefinger-type AND  look at the keys sucks big-time) going to be a post that spans several days…sorry.

Friday and Saturday were long miserable gray, rainy days. I’m watching The Crown on Netflix. It’s a series!!! Award winning even! Who knew? I’m really enjoying it.

The furnace in this rental house croaked on Wednesday. Today (2/18/17) it was finally sunny in the afternoon…how nice! Warmth…but short lived. Of course the cheap-ass landlord and property manager have not called a furnace repair company yet.  Nubs, the property manager went out after dinner tonight and bought a huge portable heater (I’m sure she figured this would alleviate the need to replace the 65+ year old gravity furnace.)

One very large problem, it was really big and powerful. Where the heck would it fit and not start something nearby on fire or melt something? So I have no heat again for the night and it’s supposed to be about 50F or less tonight in this rental with no insulation.

She said she’ll go tomorrow, return the huge heater and get me a tiny one like my own.  Again she seems to think this will be a lasting solution. Good grief. She probably thinks since it’s “almost spring”, no problem.

And Eric wonders why I call him vs. her when there’s a problem with this rental. Only catch is that I’m going to be freezing for more nights to come and it’s the weekend so I can’t even call the city and ask what the “rules” for a livable dwelling are. Again, good grief!

2/19/17 It’s Sunday morning and still no solution. Nubbers said she’ll be getting a smaller heater for the bedroom this A.M. but no luck for Nubbers finding a furnace company yet!!!

I haven’t gotten any sleep for five nights because it’s been so cold (if you live in the Northeast, you can stop laughing now). In 2 days the night temps will fall into the low 40’s! So for this 600 square foot ice box of a rental I pay $2100+/month!

It’s now Sunday afternoon and no heater plus no news of a furnace repair company.

Well, she just saved herself by showing up at 12:20 P.M. with a (not too) big electric heater which I had her put in the kitchen, yay! Lightweight too. She even took the info on the furnace survice I found, shock of shocks!

It’s now President’s Day and @ 9 AM Nubbers was here ’cause “her guys” were due to arrive and fix the furnace. Supposedly they know how, we’ll see. As always they wanted to use my vacuum to clean out the furnace box.