Since the new telecommunications entity in this town is no longer the disliked but benign Verizon, it is now and has been for about 8 months…Frontier communications. OMG. What a BEAST! They cut off my internet while I was in the hospital and nursing homes for December and January, so I had to re-start it. For the service, I was quoted $20.00 per month for internet by the  Frontier salesman. Well, I got the February bill for internet only (no landline) and it was $138.94.

How do they do this???????

I’m totally dumbfounded.

Oh, and I’d take a photo of the bill but discovered more things taken by Presentation, the Philipino thief that 24 Hour Homecare last sent to me was my camera, case and tripod! Wow. Don’t ever trust such services. They make a big deal about how they do all kinds of background and security checks on the people they send out but obviously they don’t or if they really do, they miss whole a lot.