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…by Frontier Communications this time, not the Romans.

Once again, I received my monthly bill from these charlatans for my internet (high-speed which I specifically did not request) and it’s $95.99! I’m stunned once again.

Just trying to write this is taking a Herculean amount of strength. Yes, I know that I sound like a wuss but I’ve had so many battles with assorted companies arising from my unauthorized (by me) stay in hospitals and nursing homes for the months of December and January that each new one wears me out more quickly. (More about getting older and your rights in a later post.)

The fact that I was stuck in large facilities meant I had to use a wheelchair to get around and had no access to the internet. I also had little access to a phone (there was one and only one, at the nurse’s station when they weren’t using it). Worse yet, none of the facilities took phone messages or even a phone number from calls you may have received.

The outcome of those “incarcerations” was the inability to get my mail from the Post Office which resulted in the Frontier internet connection to my home being cut off for non-payment! (NOTE:  bottomline, if you have to call 911 for help getting up when you’ve fallen, don’t let the paramedics send you off in an ambulance unless there’s some serious damage. More on this in another post and it’s important.)

Anyway, the town I live in, had it’s communications provider switched from Verizon (the only company where I live) to Frontier late last summer. Boy, if I thought Verizon, which I had for 10 years, was difficult, Frontier makes them look easy-peasy by comparison.

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If you read Yelp reviews for Frontier, it’s terrifying. Now I’ve found out why. They lie through their teeth. I was quoted $20 per month for internet only. When they finally deigned to install it (only took them 2.5 weeks), I was billed $58+/month because the special offer had ended! Plus, I was apparently billed for a router I never even saw much less received (mine’s still the one imprinted with Verizon’s logo). What makes it all so annoying is that their bills don’t detail/itemize the charges so you have to call and deal with voicemail hell. How deceptive is that? Just thinking about that company makes me see red.

Well, while writing this post, I became so frustrated thinking about Frontier and my bill, that I stopped writing the post and researched what else was available for internet where I live. The result is that I’m now going to try a company called Giggle. Yes, what an idiotic name for an internet provider, but maybe I’ll be happy with them. Keep your fingers crossed. Will keep Frontier for a little bit just in case but am so looking forward to calling and telling them to shove it “where the sun don’t shine” (as the saying goes), so wish me luck.