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Yes, exciting times in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California! First, I was having phone issues with my new “stupid” (as in not a “smart-phone”) phone and was on the phone with ATT. Seems I can’t hear anyone talking unless I put it on speaker. So I tried calling my neighbor across the street since they were home. Didn’t get her, so left a message that I was testing my phone and to ignore the message.

Well, about ten minutes later, I got a call from her and she says to look out my front window. So I say, I’ll open the front door, thinking she’s at it. Instead, she very sternly says “Do NOT open the door.” She repeats, “look out your front window”. So I do and out of the corner of my eye, I spot something moving. Looking down, I exclaim “oh, it’s a dog”  thinking it’s an older rather mangy German Shepherd.

Then notice, no, it’s not a dog but, Holy Shit! it’s a bear!!! And it’s walking out of my back yard!!!

She then repeats “look out your front window at your drive” where I see a police cruiser and police SUV blocking my drive and the street. Cops are gingerly walking around the cars on the street keeping an eye on the bear.

After another ten minutes, a new officer, probably a park ranger by the looks of his uniform, arrives with a major rifle in hand. That was one long and serious looking gun (not sure if it was a gun or tranquilizer type gun). Anyhow, he takes over while the bear meanders through the yards behind me, out to the alley and over one house.

Ten more minutes and everything’s gone and all’s quiet. Wow. What a way to end the week!

Found out later from my neighbor that they had darted it in my back yard. How I didn’t see this is beyond me. Anyways, that was the excitement here.