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Or should I say Netflops? As part of my budget, I have allowed myself to have one inexpensive “subscription” a month on the internet. For a long time now it’s been Netflix and I’d been quite happy with it.

Services such as this seem to go in cycles as far as having worthwhile content. I found that with Hulu quite a while ago.

Currently, Netflix has added a bunch of “B” and “C” type movies and removed most “A” quality movies.

It’s funny, but one of the strange things I seem to have inherited from my mother is her ability to watch old movies repeatedly (within reason) and still enjoy them. For example, when I wanted to fall asleep at night (something that’s become rather tough lately) I’d simply re-watch a movie like The Last Samurai or Two Weeks Notice or While You Were Sleeping (these “were” on Netflix).

Yes, repeats all, but decent enough that I was occupied and could drift off to sleep. No new plots to pay attention to, just a reasonable story to take me out of life and into the land of nod. Recently Netflops has added The Bucket List which I enjoyed and had been looking forward to for a year or two. At the same time, the three other movies mentioned above were removed.

Of course they added over 100 other “new” movies and TV shows but mostly junk. An imbalanced mix of Asian productions and US failures. So Netflops, just like Hulu over a year ago has become sort of a big wasteland for me.

Oh, btw, if you try to access Hulu to see what they carry, you can’t, I even called them. You need a subscription! Well, isn’t that the nasty little marketing trap? Thanks Hulu. For. Nothing.

So now I’m looking for a new company. I figure Netflops will (possibly) be better in the fall when regular US network programming also historically gets a bit better. So anyone with recommendations for streaming videos during the summer, your thoughts would be appreciated. Currently, I’ve watched a few episodes (the first four) on PBS of My Mother and Other Strangers. One problem, you can’t get the last two episodes without a subscription. 😦

Another PBS offering I watched over a year ago was The Durrells of Corfu which I really enjoyed. Sadly to rewatch it, I need to subscribe to PBS. Of course that may be an option because I’ve never seen any of Downton Abbey. Yes, I know, how have I lived?

I really like the pace of British dramas vs. the up and down craziness of most US offerings. There’s a certain brooding serenity to them that I find relaxing and isn’t that why we watch TV? To escape the humdrum of our daily lives? Just now, browsing through PBS’ offerings, there could be just be enough to keep me busy and entertained. So it may be PBS for the summer.

Oh, and my apologies for going for so long without a post. Sometimes “stuff” just happens.

Side note: as I sit here typing in the 108F temps of Southern California cruising through my Pinterest boards, I’ve decided to add an image to every post this summer to take my mind off the heat. As I looked through my selections on that notorious time-guzzler, I realized that I rarely re-visit the images which is sad since some of them are quite beautiful. So to brighten all our days and if you’re dying of the heat like me, here’s something to get your mind off it. Enjoy!

Grnhs Heaven

Photo Source. I could live here! How about you?