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Sadly, I noticed that another two movies I could have watched have been removed from Netflix streaming. Must Love Dogs and Cocoon. Again, not the best of the best by any means but still a pleasant re-watch when I wanted to fall into dreamland.

The junk they put in place of all the reasonably decent, watchable movies is just so pathetic and much of it, very, very old. Stuff I wouldn’t have wasted my time on to begin with (and didn’t!). Seems they picked up a lot of other movies… cheap, very cheap movies in their place.

Poor programming, obviously driven by the bottom line and not by their interest in current customers. So I’ll be canceling their service for a while.

Remembered to check out Acorn TV and glad I did. Signed up for their 7 day free trial.

Unlike Hulu, after about two years of absence they’re not stingy with their free trials.  As I said in an earlier post, I haven’t seen Downton Abbey so that alone will take ages to view. They do have a rather limited palette of shows to view, but still, most are very enjoyable and well done.

Found Season 7 of Doc Martin which I haven’t seen yet! Yay. And, did you know they filmed Season 8 which will air this fall? Yay!

Something to look forward to. Lastly, I leave you with:

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