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Well, the weather here in Southern California has been reasonably gracious for most of the summer. That is, until three or four days ago. It’s predicted to be 105F+ for the next ten days. OMG. Here in my neck of the woods that means at least 110 to 115F.

I’d gotten away with waiting till about 3 or 4 p.m. before having to turn on the living room window AC unit. Not today though and probably not for the next ten days either. I turned it on today at 1 p.m. Yep. We’ve entered Hades and will probably be here for the next two months, the hottest here in So Cal.

The grocery service I use had cans of Progresso soup on sale about two weeks ago for $1.09 per can vs. $3.79 which was great! I bought about ten cans. Guess what’ll be the source of my meals for the next week and a half? You guessed it, cans of soup. “No effort food”.

I didn’t even put the cans away in the pantry since I knew I’d be using them soon and figured it was just as easy to fish a can out of a bag on the floor, use it, rinse it out and then toss it. Again, “no effort food” when the temps soar. Each can will be two meals. Easy peasy as they say.

I really need to find some free photo editing software, that image is just way too big for this column. But it’s all I’ve got so there we are…Progresso soup.

I’d like to have some salads but in heat like this, I find bags of salad have a very short shelf life so ordering two at a time is a waste of money and food. By the time I get to the second bag, it’s starting to “melt” into rot. Again, a courtesy of the cheap ass landlord for buying used junk for his rentals. In this case the refrigerator. Supposedly it’s new but I think not because it drips incessantly all over the food from the top of the refrigerator compartment.

The last three or four days, I’ve also started sleeping in, while it’s still cool in the morning. Then getting up and working and watching stuff on my computer from about 3 p.m. till almost 2 a.m. just because of the heat. This way I can sit in front of the small fan in my office/front bedroom so I’m not so hot, nor am I an ice cube from laying in my bed.

This is a really crumby junk of a rental. The tiny AC window unit in the bedroom is a piece of broken down trash that the landlord put in when the previous unit broke. Air only comes out of the left side of it and blows right on my head. Nothing on my body. The louvers are all broken so there’s no using them for any kind of directional aim. Yes, Eric Westrope is a cheap ass landlord who gets by with spending as little as is humanly possible on anything. If you knew what I pay for rent, you’d die. But then it’s the way all of L.A., San Bernadino and Orange counties are.

I’ve been watching Dale Calder videos on YouTube

because he lives in Canada and I can enjoy snowy weather in this heat. He has a tiny cabin on his property and often treks out to it and spends the day. He puts up cooking and gardening videos among other things. The video I put up is of him canning his sweet and hot homegrown peppers. He has a very nice, relaxing voice and I often listen to him before bed instead of a television program.

It’s about 6:30 in the evening now and 96F! Ick. To my disbelief, something going by outside just caught my eye…a woman jogging. To each their own I guess.

Well that’s it for today. Will let you know if I decide to take a vacation from blogging (which as you can see from the dates on my last two posts, I already have done this month). Sorry about that. Enjoy Dale’s video.