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Well, if yesterday was sizzlin’ today is broiling. Weather. com says it’s 110F which means it’s about 120F here and boy, is it hot! Just sitting and watching old reruns of Frasier and also YouTube vids of anything with snow in it! LOL 🙂 Yes. Just trying to maintain some semblance of “cool”.

Was looking for an image to post showing the heat. Found a wonderful image and great article I think you may enjoy! Seriously, read the article. Didn’t know about heat and airplanes!

If I was worried about the electric bill yesterday, well, today I’m freakin’. It’s going to be hideously high. I HAD to turn on the 2 AC units at 11 a.m. today. That’s the earliest I’ve ever had to switch them on!

Received my grocery order yesterday and let the few fresh veg I ordered sit out on the counter overnight. Was too exhausted to put them away. Not a good idea. Everything looks wilted and I have it all soaking in a bowl in the sink. Sadly the pipes for water must have had no building code back in the “50’s” and are laying very shallowly in the ground so the tap water is warm no matter how long you run it.

But, what can I do? The quart of strawberries I ordered (on sale) look like the delivery guy took a handful out to eat…sigh, so I only have about 1 pint. They’ll be in the water soon but with a few spoonfuls of vinegar to help preserve them. The goal is to cut up and freeze to use in drinks like ice cubes. We’ll see if that works.

Humidity’s only 20% thank heavens. IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have a pet, make sure you don’t walk them on hot asphalt or concrete! It can seriously burn their pads. And if you think you’re hot, imagine it with a fur coat!!! Fur as insulation? There’s a point past which it isn’t and doesn’t…like now. Make sure to care for your pets and call animal control when you see someone else’s in jeopardy.

Here’s another article on animals and heat. Please check it out! Well, I’m moving into the bedroom hoping to chill in front of AC unit…stay cool!