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Just when I thought we were going to escape the typically hotter’n’hell late summer in Southern California and really get into the mood for the holidays, good ole So Cal throws a few 105+F(40.5+C) days at us. UGH!

I wrote that ten days ago. As usual, things change very rapidly and I’m writing this at 5:30 in the morning because I’m too cold to sleep. Yes, we’ve gone from 100’s to 60’s in just a few days. We even had a light rain yesterday around noon. It was also a lovely dark, some might say gloomy, day yesterday and that’s what’s scheduled for the next five or six days.

Of course, with the first somewhat sustained drizzle came sirens…all day. Yes, once again, everyone out driving about has forgotten how to deal with the wet stuff. Sigh. It’s both funny and sad because it’s been the same year after year for as long as I’ve lived here.

On another note, the “new” refrigerator that’s only a year old in this rental went on the fritz. The property manager who lives with the landlord sent her friend over on Monday to diagnose it and solve the problem. Yes, it’s a rather complicated relationship they lead and I don’t want any part of it.

The end result is that her friend, who has no business working on a refrigerator concluded that it was the seal on the door that needed to be replaced. (Insert huge eye-roll on my part here.) The seal isn’t great but does not account for a 17 degree loss in fridge temperature.

They totally ignored my comments on the amount of noise the compressor makes throughout the day. Yes, I am a trained and qualified refrigerator repair person…LOL! Not. Anyhow, I’ve lost about $250 in food so far and it looks like more will be following, all because the landlord, Eric W. is such a cheapskate. So, I’ll just sit here and watch it play out because Eric, Nubs, and Kirin all know better. Not.

I’m seriously tempted to bet Nubs $100 that it’s the motor not the seal, but I doubt she’d take me up on it because “she knows better”. And yes, she also is a trained and qualified refrigerator repair person. NOT. Insert hysterical laughter here.

More on this later. Sigh.