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Or Nightmare before Christmas…

The Preface:  The image above makes me smile from ear to ear. Growing up, we were never allowed to have any pets. When I was in sixth grade, my mom finally relented to our pleas, letting my brother and I each get a hamster. Over a five year period (they don’t live that long) we both had two hamsters. The entire time we had them, we begged her to pet them. She flatly refused. She would not touch, much less “pet” one. Our constant pleading finally led to her reluctantly touching one with a single finger, quite gingerly, on the head. That was it. Never again…until…

The Post:  I remember teaching my childhood hamster, Cinnamon, how to do what you see in the image above. Yes, he became very good at it too. Maybe a little too good. One night he broke out of his cage, jumped down three feet to the linoleum, made his way across the house and climbed upstairs (carpeted not hardwood…lucky hamster) to the second floor. He found his way along the upstairs hall and into my parents bedroom. The little fellow must have been quite tuckered out, because he came upon my mom’s house slippers as we all slept. Well, he crawled into the toe area of one and curled up.

He must have felt so nice and cozy, all snuggled in there that he went to sleep. Everything was going along fine just like “The Night Before Christmas”. Unfortunately, my mom got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and discovered his little nest. We were suddenly woken up by my mother’s screaming.

She had slid a tootsie into one of her slippers and “found” my hamster. I’ll never forget it! It was a mad dash for my brother and I to locate and capture the furry little beast who had scurried away in absolute terror. Luckily my dad was out of town because we were laughing hysterically the whole time. (No, mom was not laughing.) Don’t know if she ever got back to sleep that night. Or the next….

Hope you enjoyed my little tale and have a lovely “turkey” day. Create lots of warm memories. You can never have too many. They’ll warm you on the coldest and saddest days of your life and cheer you on the happiest ones.