(Sorry, no pics today. It’s just a newsy kind of post.)

Yes, magic is involved today with the computer and Von’s website, Vons.com. I had started a new order and was looking through things for what to make in the coming weeks and felt like some kind of rice mix. So I entered an order for one box of Near East couscous and one of Rice-a-Roni. I left the room after glancing at the current cost of what was in my “basket” and it totaled $91.42.

When I came back, I refreshed the page only to discover 1 to 5 of every rice mix in the category ordered and my total cost was now $412.87!! Holy cow! Talk about “magic”. When I tried calling their 887 number, it, of course, was busy. So I tried to start removing items and I couldn’t! Good thing I don’t need the order for tomorrow. I’d hate to be one of their IT people who has to fix this snafu! Lol!

Whoa…just checked another section of the website, Fruits. Every single item showed (again) at least 1 to 5 items ordered! Plus, I need to sign back in…but it won’t let me. I’m so glad I’m not on their IT team!! 🙂

So here I am, six hours later and the website is final working again, yay!