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I could curl up here so easily! Just so inviting…sigh.

Do you ever wonder about the power of a universal mindset or whatever it is they call it? You know, the thing where all of a sudden everyone is focused on the same subject and not because they’ve all watched a Fox News video…? Well, raspberries seem to be what keeps surfacing in my consciousness and on video right now. Hmmm…and mmmmm.

So today, I was checking on some of my favorite YouTube channels and what pops up? Yes, raspberries. Specifically raspberry scones…again! So I bring you that video recipe:

Oh, and maybe in a future post I’ll write a dear little story of summer and growing up and the a neighbor’s raspberry patch. Berry happy memories.  😀  Sorry, I couldn’t resist…. Enjoy! Oh, and if you want to see more wonderfully cozy reading nooks, check this out.

*oops…thought I saved the location of this from a Pin on Pinterest but it appears I didn’t. 😦  If anyone knows the link please let me know, I’m 99% positive it was from a google search with the link to a Pinterest link, but as I said, darned if I can find it again! Instead, maybe enjoy these cozy spots.