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Well, we’ve had some lovely grey days lately. Today had a nice bonus because it was rainy too! Found this video and thought I’d share because it seems perfect for a day like today. I get a kick out of the cooking videos these guys make. Sometimes the vids are over the top but this one just makes me want to curl up with a cozy blanket in front of the screen drooling. Oh and this isn’t food one can eat everyday, but once in a blue moon, I say indulge. Life is short.

Personally,  I could have done without the crushed potato chips. Probably would have put a layer of homemade or at least Pillsbury refrigerator biscuits on top with the shredded cheese. Mmmmmm! I would also skip the maple syrup, I’m not a big sweet person when eating something savory. What do you think? Me, I’d be happy as a pig in slop as the saying goes.

I also have another cozy dish for you. I ran across it yesterday and was blown away by the pastry. So amazingly flakey! And easy!

You can find more info on this amazing dough here.

As an added bonus I’m including a short recipe, also by Chef John (no affiliation). It’s his version of puff pastry which might be kind of fun to play with and not intimidating like other similar recipes. If you’re feeling super indulgent, make these with the sausage gravy from your favorite biscuits and gravy recipe. It’ll probably be a little bite of heaven. We all need a bit of that. Enjoy!

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