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Yes, you read that correctly. Lol. One of the Youtube channels I watch is “Gone To The Snow Dogs” (they have a few other channels) with three wonderful Siberian Huskies. As you may or may not know I’ve enjoyed the company of six Siberians over the years. No, not all at once, two to three at the most. So I’m a sucker for anything with these fur babies.

This weekend, I stopped by Gone To The Snow Dogs and as Youtube does, it showed episodes (still can’t believe there are any left) that I hadn’t seen, including a video with the above title. Yes! Salmon brittle! Lol!

Jessica, their owner (no affiliation) often posts vids on treats she tries, dreams up and makes. This was one of them. Well, I love salmon in all forms and am sure any of my past Sibs would have dived at that container of salmon brittle or even jumped up on me in an attempt to wrangle it from my hands…really!

But it’s a brilliant idea, so I wanted to share it with you.

If you’re on your first-ever puppers, you should know there are things your dog cannot have because of potential toxicity like chocolate. Do your homework on this please.

What I like about Jessica’s treats is the lack of complicated instructions or pricy ingredients. Well, Demings red sockeye salmon currently costs over $10.00 for a 14.5 ounce can at my local Vons. 😦 Hard to buy even for me, but then my pups were a different story. They were worth every penny I had for all the joy they brought me. xo

While I was floating around Jessica’s site I found another recipe with “all” of three (yes 3!) ingredients and since we’re going into summer, I thought your honeybuns might like these frozen snacks. So, I give you “Frozen Tuna Cubes”. I think my pups would have melted into puddles of joy at these icy delights here in the hellish Southern California summers.

It uses only three pet-friendly ingredients…plus, no baking!! How can you beat that? As you know, we’ve now entered the period of time when I will die before I turn on the oven (because, were I to turn it on, I WOULD die, of the heat)! Yup, no oven for me till next December…sadly. We’ve entered the “cold salad ONLY” period of food. Okay, maybe a sunny side up egg with bacon (luv!!!) on top of the stove every now and then in the cooler morning temps, but that’s it. No oven for the next six months!

I do hope you like these treats and check Jessica’s vlog out since she has a load of easy and different (not all flour and grain baked biscuit-type) treats that your four-legged fur babies might enjoy. xo