…a Life There.

Cowboy boots

Photo Source…no clue, but have always loved this photo with the rainbow shitkickers.

Happy 4th.

My life is disintegrating before me. Everything I thought was real and true is gone. Yes, totally gone. I am out of money. The safety net I always thought I had is gone. Even my brother in CT. is in dire straights so he can’t help me.

So what now? I’ve been playing with ideas for a vlog or post about what happens when you get older. Stuff no one ever prepared you for! Seriously, you’re waltzed down the aisle of life and suddenly, swiftly…BAM! And it’s not Emeril.

So, to make a potentially long story short, I’ll only go into it very briefly here. I’m going to sell off what I still have and I have some nice stuff. This will take some time, and I have a limited time to do this. The rent is due and I only have about half of it. So I’m setting up a Patreon account which I’ll publish and have more things going on so stay tuned.

Oh, and btw I’m selling my 2000 BMW 540i sedan which has less than 130,000 miles on it too, since I haven’t driven in 2 years. More tomorrow. Exhausted now. I really need one of these….

Cupcake Madness

Photo Source…sorry, same problem.

Anyway…more later.