Well…Getting Nowhere Fast.


Seems my call to Nubs (the quasi-property manager) about the backed up kitchen sink once again sees us all following her typical pattern of dragging a small “fix” into a multi-day drawn out procedure. I should have just called Eric…sigh. All it needs is a plunger and muscles. But no…it’d be too simple to plunge the sink, get it working and get the thing snaked in the next few days.

I don’t know why she’s a property manager, she has no idea what she’s doing when it comes to house maintenance yet acts like she’s brilliant at it. Good grief, she’s annoying.

So it’ll shortly be 24 hours since the sink clogged and I called her. What’s so priceless is that she was just now in her car and parked in my driveway. She had a guy in her car with her when I called her again to see what was going on. She still just backed out and drove away. I simply want to strangle the fool! She makes everything so difficult for herself and others when it’s not necessary.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you by the way! And now for a shot of the Chicago river. All decked out for March 17.

More on the “Nubs/Kitchen Sink Mega-project” as the hours and days go by. Sigh.

…time of year…


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Was minding my own business this Sunday when I was rudely interrupted by this candy truck, really, a throw-back to the 60’s. It plays one song, one very short piece of music. Calliope music. It gets into your brain and chases you all day, you can’t escape it! Last week the truck stopped at the end of this block. The music droned on for 20 minutes.

Anyhow while all the above is whirling through my head, I put Pandora on to drown it all out. Suddenly Otis Redding’s “The Dock of the Bay” starts playing. Love. Love. Totally love that. And as I listen to it I read the blurb Pandora posts about Otis. Well, I almost fell over.

More than a Feeling by Boston just came on. Boy, I wish my iMac had stronger speakers ’cause this is one of those recordings I really, really want to crank up!

As I was saying, did you know (I didn’t) that Otis died today over…ready?…
…50 years ago!!!!!!!

And now Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’ ” is on and I remember that he also is gone. All pieces of my life dropping away as time marches on relentlessly. Like leaves falling from a tree. Suddenly I’m all too aware of the limited time I have left on this earth.

Cat in Window

Photo Source Unknown.

I have to go. To be continued.



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Hi, yes, I know it’s spelled “hors d’oeuvres” but I recently saw it spelled like it is above on someone’s blog (can’t remember whose). I can never recall how to spell these little mouthfuls of goodness, but so far have always had success in finding the correct spelling if I type my ghastly version into Google. The internet very politely and without judgement, finds the correct spelling for me. 🙂

Anyway, enough about spelling. Since Christmas and New Year’s are barreling down upon us, I thought you might enjoy a recipe or two for entertaining. Just look at what I found today:

Aren’t these yummy looking? Since I’m not planning any holiday get-togethers I’ll probably only make one or two hors d’oeuvres so I decided to share a few with you! I’m planning on entertaining myself with these… 🙂 …yum!

Here’s the link to a 1-minute Brie Bites video by Erin of Well-Plated. (No affiliation, just loved her hors d’oeuvres and thought you might too.) Plus, it looks really easy and quick! So enjoy.

The Day After



Well, it’s the much anticipated (by some or many as advertisers would have you believe)  “black Friday”. For me, it’s just the day after Thanksgiving. Unless someone knows of a super sale on the 5.5 qt. Le Creuset Dutch oven…. That would really make me happy. Other than that, I haven’t seen a whole lot to get excited about. How about you?

Oh, the image above is from a website with great visuals btw. You should check it out here. No affiliation, just liked what I saw.

There’s a great deal of yard work and construction of some sort going on around me. I’ve been hearing chain saws attacking trees all day and someone slicing up something on a table saw. Of course, yesterday, Thanksgiving, I got to hear two mow and blow guys buzzing up a storm. No Thanksgiving for the weekly “gardeners” I guess.

Me? I’m sitting here watching some YouTube, waiting for the landlord to call and possibly grace me with his presence. Can you believe I’ve seen either him or Nubs multiple times a week since Halloween?! It’s like the refrigerator told everything in the house to break down all at once. Plus he’s fixing some things that have needed attention.

Only problem, he has the attention span of a gnat. What is that called? Adult ADHD? That’s why I say “the attention span of a gnat”, he just sort of drifts off mid-project. Of course he doesn’t get to working on stuff till about 3:30 or so. Not much of a workday.

My face has broken out like a teenager’s with zits, and they hurt like the dickens as well as look hideous. Must be time to start taking vitamin D pills again. I was put on them when I was in the hospital ICU for three or four weeks after emergency surgery and my skin looked fantastic. So back to that. No idea what causes this, but I should be so beyond this age-wise!


Photo Source. I hate ZITS!

If you’re interested, you take 2000 units a day for a few weeks. From what I’ve read, everyone is pretty low in vitamin D unless you get about 15 minutes of sunshine a day. Which I don’t. So I ordered a bottle of 1000 IU pills. I just need to start taking them. Bye for now 🙂




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Or Nightmare before Christmas…

The Preface:  The image above makes me smile from ear to ear. Growing up, we were never allowed to have any pets. When I was in sixth grade, my mom finally relented to our pleas, letting my brother and I each get a hamster. Over a five year period (they don’t live that long) we both had two hamsters. The entire time we had them, we begged her to pet them. She flatly refused. She would not touch, much less “pet” one. Our constant pleading finally led to her reluctantly touching one with a single finger, quite gingerly, on the head. That was it. Never again…until…

The Post:  I remember teaching my childhood hamster, Cinnamon, how to do what you see in the image above. Yes, he became very good at it too. Maybe a little too good. One night he broke out of his cage, jumped down three feet to the linoleum, made his way across the house and climbed upstairs (carpeted not hardwood…lucky hamster) to the second floor. He found his way along the upstairs hall and into my parents bedroom. The little fellow must have been quite tuckered out, because he came upon my mom’s house slippers as we all slept. Well, he crawled into the toe area of one and curled up.

He must have felt so nice and cozy, all snuggled in there that he went to sleep. Everything was going along fine just like “The Night Before Christmas”. Unfortunately, my mom got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and discovered his little nest. We were suddenly woken up by my mother’s screaming.

She had slid a tootsie into one of her slippers and “found” my hamster. I’ll never forget it! It was a mad dash for my brother and I to locate and capture the furry little beast who had scurried away in absolute terror. Luckily my dad was out of town because we were laughing hysterically the whole time. (No, mom was not laughing.) Don’t know if she ever got back to sleep that night. Or the next….

Hope you enjoyed my little tale and have a lovely “turkey” day. Create lots of warm memories. You can never have too many. They’ll warm you on the coldest and saddest days of your life and cheer you on the happiest ones.




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Just when I thought we were going to escape the typically hotter’n’hell late summer in Southern California and really get into the mood for the holidays, good ole So Cal throws a few 105+F(40.5+C) days at us. UGH!

I wrote that ten days ago. As usual, things change very rapidly and I’m writing this at 5:30 in the morning because I’m too cold to sleep. Yes, we’ve gone from 100’s to 60’s in just a few days. We even had a light rain yesterday around noon. It was also a lovely dark, some might say gloomy, day yesterday and that’s what’s scheduled for the next five or six days.

Of course, with the first somewhat sustained drizzle came sirens…all day. Yes, once again, everyone out driving about has forgotten how to deal with the wet stuff. Sigh. It’s both funny and sad because it’s been the same year after year for as long as I’ve lived here.

On another note, the “new” refrigerator that’s only a year old in this rental went on the fritz. The property manager who lives with the landlord sent her friend over on Monday to diagnose it and solve the problem. Yes, it’s a rather complicated relationship they lead and I don’t want any part of it.

The end result is that her friend, who has no business working on a refrigerator concluded that it was the seal on the door that needed to be replaced. (Insert huge eye-roll on my part here.) The seal isn’t great but does not account for a 17 degree loss in fridge temperature.

They totally ignored my comments on the amount of noise the compressor makes throughout the day. Yes, I am a trained and qualified refrigerator repair person…LOL! Not. Anyhow, I’ve lost about $250 in food so far and it looks like more will be following, all because the landlord, Eric W. is such a cheapskate. So, I’ll just sit here and watch it play out because Eric, Nubs, and Kirin all know better. Not.

I’m seriously tempted to bet Nubs $100 that it’s the motor not the seal, but I doubt she’d take me up on it because “she knows better”. And yes, she also is a trained and qualified refrigerator repair person. NOT. Insert hysterical laughter here.

More on this later. Sigh.

Dear Hate,


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This is the most amazing song! Corey Amaro from the blog Tongue in Cheek posted it on her blog (I’m catching up on my reading) back when the tragedy in Las Vegas shocked the world. I’m very touched by the lyrics. I wanted to share it with you. Corey’s blog is quite wonderful btw. Enjoy.

The Roof


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Well, this must be the year the pecan tree (which towers over this house) is fruiting. The amount of activity and thunks on the roof has been rather startling. Oh, and when I say “activity and thunks”, I don’t mean nuts falling, I mean squirrels going out of their little minds and landing with thuds on the roof while chasing one another and leaping from branch to roof! And the chattering, nattering lectures they deliver to anything impeding their nut gathering has me in stitches. They can go on for five minutes at a crack!