Dark Haze

It’s weird, but I really know LA light too well at times. Like Sunday, the light was all off color-wise and it became dark at 5:30 p.m. In the back of my mind I thought “odd” and “wildfire” but had heard nothing to support that till about 8 p.m. when I saw the headline online about a large wildfire above the Burbank area.

This is one of the things I hate about LA. The light is so telltale. Today, I don’t even have to look out, I can tell the fires are still going, by the color of the light coming in the cracks in the blinds. No, I didn’t even open the blinds because I won’t like what I see. It’s overcast today, caused by the ash in the air and general cloudiness.

No, today I’m just going to hide out and watch Netflix and some movies from my DVD collection.

It’s currently 96F according to weather.com which also lists it as “feels like 102F”. I think 108F would be closer. Yes, sorry but hot weather drives me nuts so that’s all you’ll probably hear about here till it breaks which is supposed to be tomorrow.



Good Grief!


This is like the Energizer Bunny of hot weather! Just looked at weather.com and we won’t get below 100F till after 8 p.m.! Today was supposed to be “cooler” than yesterday…NOT. I’m so sick of this. It just goes on and on (hence the E. Bunny reference). Right now it’s 106F and says “feels like 110F”. Not good. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 96F. Why do I not believe that?

A weather system is also moving in that’s bringing moisture, but not the good kind like rain. No, humidity…ugh. Add to that, an old filling in a huge molar is starting to deteriorate and beginning to hurt. Will probably be needing a crown…more bad news. 😦

Hope things are better in your neck of the woods. If you can stand it, I can’t right now, too hot, here’s a link to a nice desktop calendar if you like yarn. Enjoy and wish for snow in LA. 🙂

Holy Schmoly!


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Well, if yesterday was sizzlin’ today is broiling. Weather. com says it’s 110F which means it’s about 120F here and boy, is it hot! Just sitting and watching old reruns of Frasier and also YouTube vids of anything with snow in it! LOL 🙂 Yes. Just trying to maintain some semblance of “cool”.

Was looking for an image to post showing the heat. Found a wonderful image and great article I think you may enjoy! Seriously, read the article. Didn’t know about heat and airplanes!

If I was worried about the electric bill yesterday, well, today I’m freakin’. It’s going to be hideously high. I HAD to turn on the 2 AC units at 11 a.m. today. That’s the earliest I’ve ever had to switch them on!

Received my grocery order yesterday and let the few fresh veg I ordered sit out on the counter overnight. Was too exhausted to put them away. Not a good idea. Everything looks wilted and I have it all soaking in a bowl in the sink. Sadly the pipes for water must have had no building code back in the “50’s” and are laying very shallowly in the ground so the tap water is warm no matter how long you run it.

But, what can I do? The quart of strawberries I ordered (on sale) look like the delivery guy took a handful out to eat…sigh, so I only have about 1 pint. They’ll be in the water soon but with a few spoonfuls of vinegar to help preserve them. The goal is to cut up and freeze to use in drinks like ice cubes. We’ll see if that works.

Humidity’s only 20% thank heavens. IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have a pet, make sure you don’t walk them on hot asphalt or concrete! It can seriously burn their pads. And if you think you’re hot, imagine it with a fur coat!!! Fur as insulation? There’s a point past which it isn’t and doesn’t…like now. Make sure to care for your pets and call animal control when you see someone else’s in jeopardy.

Here’s another article on animals and heat. Please check it out! Well, I’m moving into the bedroom hoping to chill in front of AC unit…stay cool!





Whoa! Just a note… at 5 p.m. it’s 104F according to the weather.com! AAAUUUGGGHHH. This is going to be an expensive electric bill coming up. The last one was $86 and we hadn’t been floating in the 100’s yet. Yikes.


To Go on Vacay or Not?


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Well, the weather here in Southern California has been reasonably gracious for most of the summer. That is, until three or four days ago. It’s predicted to be 105F+ for the next ten days. OMG. Here in my neck of the woods that means at least 110 to 115F.

I’d gotten away with waiting till about 3 or 4 p.m. before having to turn on the living room window AC unit. Not today though and probably not for the next ten days either. I turned it on today at 1 p.m. Yep. We’ve entered Hades and will probably be here for the next two months, the hottest here in So Cal.

The grocery service I use had cans of Progresso soup on sale about two weeks ago for $1.09 per can vs. $3.79 which was great! I bought about ten cans. Guess what’ll be the source of my meals for the next week and a half? You guessed it, cans of soup. “No effort food”.

I didn’t even put the cans away in the pantry since I knew I’d be using them soon and figured it was just as easy to fish a can out of a bag on the floor, use it, rinse it out and then toss it. Again, “no effort food” when the temps soar. Each can will be two meals. Easy peasy as they say.

I really need to find some free photo editing software, that image is just way too big for this column. But it’s all I’ve got so there we are…Progresso soup.

I’d like to have some salads but in heat like this, I find bags of salad have a very short shelf life so ordering two at a time is a waste of money and food. By the time I get to the second bag, it’s starting to “melt” into rot. Again, a courtesy of the cheap ass landlord for buying used junk for his rentals. In this case the refrigerator. Supposedly it’s new but I think not because it drips incessantly all over the food from the top of the refrigerator compartment.

The last three or four days, I’ve also started sleeping in, while it’s still cool in the morning. Then getting up and working and watching stuff on my computer from about 3 p.m. till almost 2 a.m. just because of the heat. This way I can sit in front of the small fan in my office/front bedroom so I’m not so hot, nor am I an ice cube from laying in my bed.

This is a really crumby junk of a rental. The tiny AC window unit in the bedroom is a piece of broken down trash that the landlord put in when the previous unit broke. Air only comes out of the left side of it and blows right on my head. Nothing on my body. The louvers are all broken so there’s no using them for any kind of directional aim. Yes, Eric Westrope is a cheap ass landlord who gets by with spending as little as is humanly possible on anything. If you knew what I pay for rent, you’d die. But then it’s the way all of L.A., San Bernadino and Orange counties are.

I’ve been watching Dale Calder videos on YouTube

because he lives in Canada and I can enjoy snowy weather in this heat. He has a tiny cabin on his property and often treks out to it and spends the day. He puts up cooking and gardening videos among other things. The video I put up is of him canning his sweet and hot homegrown peppers. He has a very nice, relaxing voice and I often listen to him before bed instead of a television program.

It’s about 6:30 in the evening now and 96F! Ick. To my disbelief, something going by outside just caught my eye…a woman jogging. To each their own I guess.

Well that’s it for today. Will let you know if I decide to take a vacation from blogging (which as you can see from the dates on my last two posts, I already have done this month). Sorry about that. Enjoy Dale’s video.


Let’s Conga!


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I try not to talk about my health too much here since we all have problems but today just takes the cake or in this case the Conga. My day started out okay, I had a slice of Oroweat Jewish Rye with cold butter (yum) and a glass of V8. Seemed innocuous enough.

Well, it took on a life of its own. I’ve always had a spastic stomach and colon but it hasn’t bothered me for some time. Till this morning.

I spent the entire time (all morning and into the afternoon) less than ten feet from the bathroom. During this time, every cartoon and image of Conga lines I ever saw in my life popped into my head.

Yes, my stomach and intestines were doing a wild Conga gone horribly wrong. I didn’t dare step away from the bathroom. Even going to lay down was risky.


Photo Source. Chaos ensues.

Sad thing is I’m now totally empty and starving even though I lay in bed all morning, moaning of an upset midsection. Colonoscopy anyone? I’m empty, it’d be the perfect time.

But I don’t dare eat a thing since I have no clue what set my bod off. It’s like having about 50 hands squeeze your stomach and intestines off and on, but all at different rates…kind of like the photo above. And they’re doing it horribly wrong to Conga music! I had planned to have chili for dinner but I wouldn’t dare now!! This hasn’t happened in quite some time.

I used to be a really “fun” date. A guy’d take me out to dinner and half way through it, my whole midsection would take on a life of its own and I’d be in the restroom for a half an hour or so. See? Real fun date. And it wasn’t like I was upset, it just seemed that anything out of the ordinary that caused me anxiety (good or bad) could do it and without any warning. I just learned that I’d better find the W.C. FAST.


Love the USPS…not.



All I have to say is how very sad it is. I have no phone, it broke when I fell Thursday. So I ordered a new one and when I checked the tracking for the package, found out it’s sitting at my local PO right now as I write this at l0 a.m. on Saturday. Today. It’s less than six blocks away. But…it won’t be delivered till Monday at about 4 p.m. 😦 I even paid an extra $10 for expedited delivery. What a joke.

Gotta love the US Post Office. They do such a crackerjack job. Not.


Bushtits Flashmob


My left wrist is still down for the count and I hate how it surprises me with sharp searing pain when I try to use it, so in the interest of minimal typing, I’ll leave you with this little video. 😉


Oh Why?


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With my left wrist out of commission I amaze myself with the stupid and sick sudden  need I seem to have to write posts. Yes, the one-handed typist is out of her mind. Must be the heat which is starting to rev up here in So Cal. As you may or may not know, I hate summers here. Lately the days have been very humid, like 50-60% humidity. UGH.

On a totally different subject, I’ll never understand why people continue to use “cream of X” soups when making recipes “from scratch”. Boggles my mind! They go on and on about how they use seasonal ingredients and make meals from scratch for their family’s well-being and blah, blah blah and blah. Excuse me, but how is adding something whose label reads like a who’s who of ingredients that aren’t found in homemade soups meeting these goals?

Hmm…I guess I get grumpy when I’m in pain. Didn’t mean to rant like that. It all started when I saw a pack of “assorted pork chops” for sale while placing my Vons.com order last week. They were listed as “pork loin chops assorted ends value pak” for $2.49/#. So I called and asked what they meant. Turns out, it’s exactly that…a bunch of loin, shoulder, rib, blade chops.

Of course, my new rule for buying food, especially meat, is that I must have a recipe in hand or at the very least, in mind before buying. Keeps me from complete impulse buying. So often, I buy something with a vague memory of making something yummy but don’t think it through any further which means it languishes in the fridge till it turns bad and has to be tossed.

So I went on a little online hunt. Here’s what I found:  Easy Crockpot Pork Chops with Onion Soup Mix. Sounded good except for the onion soup mix. So off to find a recipe for that without the package aka “from scratch” and found this.Onion Soup MixLooked good and had positive reviews but I still wanted to include some cabbage and kraut.

So my little (hah!) search turned into an entire afternoon safari where one thing led to another and I wasn’t even on Pinterest! Crockpot Pork Chops

This continued till I was so overwhelmed by the variety of recipes I found that I gave up. Way too much to think about in this heat! It was 84F in the house. Time to turn on the living room AC. It’s so much more efficient than the cheap-ass landlord’s used piece of junk in the bedroom. That can be on and set at 70F all day, turn it off and five minutes later…walk into a hot room. My electric bill for half of June and July was $96+! Hate to think what August, September and October will be (hottest months of the year).

Anyway, back to pork. Whatever I do to it will have to occur in the slow cooker, since no oven is going on until November rolls around. I must close for now due to my left wrist and hand but I’ll leave you with this Pin. Actually two pins since I’m in a really grumpy mood but hate being totally negative.

German Shprd-my attitude


Gardening Sink

Much happier.




Changing The Header


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Grey Hs.1BellaKarma copy

Why do I get these urges to change things up when I can least afford to do it? Do such whims ever strike you out of the blue? Currently I’m dealing with newly found and miserably painful Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand and wrist. So what do I decide to do as a one-handed typist? Of course, write a new post and change the look of my blog. Am I nuts? I guess. : /

I’m starting with the header. Really bored with it, so “now for something completely different” as Monty Python would say. With possibly more to come.

Oops, almost forgot my pin of the day…

Wallpaper Love

Photo Source. Love this wallpaper! Reminds me of Marimekko~1980