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Yes, that’s the National Weather Forecast’s Prediction for tomorrow. Just like today and yesterday. It may get down to the low 80’s by 3 a.m. the following morning.

I am so utterly sick of heat. It’s about noon and 108F (4.5C). Miserably hot and still. There are no creatures outside making a sound. It’s like being in a very quiet, black and white (or all gray tones) Twilight Zone. And yet the sun is beaming down, like nothing is wrong. AAUUGGHHH!!

Now it’s become overcast and wind has come up. I can hear the oak tree’s branches scraping the roof and summer thunder crackling. Only problem is that the wind dies down and clouds hold in the heat. Totally oppressive and stifling. Anyways, so I’m sitting here, minding my own business (dying of the heat), trying to get my mind off of it and suddenly…no internet. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Yup, it has frozen. It’s dead. Not connected. Probably due to power outage. For almost an hour! That’s how flaming hot it is! I was on Safari. Tried Google Chrome. Got “This webpage is not available.” “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_ NO_INTERNET”. Even Firefox was out.

Swell, can’t even distract myself with the internet! 😦

Okay. Could be worse. I could be a gardener. Due to the holiday, they arrived yesterday. Normally they show up on Mondays. So, yes, it could be worse.

Yay, it’s back! The internet! So now for some video distraction. Watch the Corgi’s face. Hysterical!