The Profound Impact of Words


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You don’t even need that many of them. I found the following while surfing the net. The power of these words is astounding don’t you think? I’ve written about this before. Remember this?

Be sure to view this. It was penned by a man who lost his wife in the Bataclan club attack:

Words have such power when used with thought that it still amazes me.

Happy Gobbler Day!


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Well, Thanksgiving came and went. My brother on the East coast emailed me. What is it with people and not calling to say hello? It’s so much more enjoyable and rewarding to hear a loved one’s voice.

My little 2.75# turkey breast in the crockpot did not turn out so well. I think I’m crockpot challenged. I do much better with a plain old heavy duty Dutch Oven. So, so much better!!!

It’s probably because that was the pot my mom and aunt always used so I must have absorbed the “how to” from them. Never was around anyone who used a crockpot so am not quite so gifted.

I’m thinking of tossing it out, I mean, really, why keep it? Plus when I read crockpot recipe, it almost automatically is converted to Dutch Oven measurements in my brain…no idea why. Actually I just may keep the cooker to use in the summer to avoid heating the house up. Of course, who knows if my luck will be any better? On a happier note I found an image of a tree in its full fall regalia and looking gorgeous!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

We’ve had the loveliest streak of fall weather and it’s been heavenly! Trees are actually changing color (well, the ones that are deciduous). Hope your holiday was happy!

Are you ready for the next one that’s upon us in 23 days. I really wish the fall holidays were spaced out a bit more so we could all enjoy them to the fullest!



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Isn’t it odd how when things, events, and so on are out of sight (so to speak) we still get odd mental “jogs” about their presence? Such is the case with my beloved little Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Blue.

Such a sweetheart.

Blue…such a sweetheart.

Of late, more than normal, he’d been on my mind and to me, for no particular reason I thought, other than I loved and still missed the little honeybun.

Turns out, November 18,2015 was the two year anniversary of having to put him to sleep because of the crippling disease degenerative myelopathy or DM. Found this out on my computer calendar. I hadn’t realized how little time had passed since he left. He was just…gone.

DM is like ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. If you want an idea of what DM or ALS is like, you can find an amazing portrayal by Hillary Swank in the movie “You’re Not You” (currently streaming on Netflix). It broke my heart to watch it because I watched Blue go through it.

It’s an excellent movie, I hope you enjoy it and learn about these two horrid diseases.

xo Christine

The Digital Life


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In some ways I’m glad I grew up when I did (no helicopter parents and so on). I’m also glad I “have” all my kitchen “things” like the little ring with the measuring spoons on it. Plus with a limited budget I’m not tempted by things like this:

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Go here if you want to get one BTW (no affiliation).

What’s annoying about gadgets like this is first their cost. This item is $55.00 plus shipping. Second, is that it will need batteries and probably not your basic AA’s or AAA’s. It brings to mind my digital cooking thermometer that’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for over two years to remind me it needs batts. And I have no idea how to open it in order to see what kind of battery is needed.

I took it to Bed, Bath and B (where I purchased it) and they were mystified. Couldn’t even figure out how to open it. Called the company that manufactured it and they were of no help either. Glad I still have my old “analog” one with the dial. It may not be instant but it’s accurate and needs no batts.

The gadget up above is described this way “Simplify life and replace the large and painstaking rings of teaspoons and tablespoons occupying much needed space in your baking cabinet”. I didn’t realize my ring of measuring spoons was large and painful, did you? They nest very nicely and take up the space of a small spoon.

On a totally different note, I just have to say here and now that I don’t think “the donald” should get Secret Service protection paid for by us! You must watch the video in the attached link. Watch it to the very end which will give you an idea of how often this doesn’t happen.

Like Trump doesn’t have enough money. This alone would be reason enough for me to never ever vote for the fool! OMG, where does the lunacy stop and when will we the people totally run out of money to fund government crap. Sorry, but this just has smoke coming out my ears.

Now for a happier note. *****Corgi falls in H2ORan across this photo on The Daily Corgi and thought it was hysterical (though I hope the little honey wasn’t hurt when going over and into the water). Corgi’s are just so cute!!!!!!

A Brief Respite and a Bit of Rain


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Here I had just been thinking that we may have escaped the late super heat of summer that we often get at the end of September, going into October. But no. Food in the fridge was spoiling even quicker than normal! Well, that was about eight days ago. Since then it’s cooled into the low 90’s and high 80’s.

By Friday we’ll be back in the mid 80’s. We did however have a lovely 20 minutes of rain before the sun came up one morning. And now, at about 3:15 p.m. we had another spurt of showers for about ten minutes. Just long enough to interrupt the kids’ soccer game across the street.

It’s funny how we take rain for granted, even resenting it for interrupting our activities. Yet when it’s been gone a while, how much the smallest of sprinkles are marveled at.


Luckily, the landlord got the gutters cleaned out and covered with a mesh to keep out the leaves and other debris from the two beautiful but very, very messy trees.

This seems to be turning into a diary-post and is going on day two. Serious sun this morning and then as the afternoon wore on, it clouded over (so lovely) and we had another spurt of light rain. It smells so good!

What is it with the mass mind-meld? Five of the 20 or so food blogs I read had recipes with peanuts. Satays, noodle dishes and so on. Sorry but I hate those things. I blame it on the person I used to be married to…the cook. Sadly he did not always excel at interpreting some foreign dishes. His satays and noodle recipes came out very dry and overly spicy. As a result, he drowned them in an assortment of peanut sauces which didn’t help anything.

Sadly, he was not open to any suggestions or the remotest of criticisms even from friends that he foisted these meals upon. It got so that if they sensed any peanut-y entrees coming their way, they made hasty excuses to bug out, leaving me holding the peanut bag so to speak. Thus my strong dislike since I was expected to eat inhale his “cuisine” and “love” it.

So, yeah, it’s bad enough that pumpkin season is upon us but apparently peanut driven recipes have gripped the collective conscious. No offense to the pumpkin and peanut lovers out there. Enjoy. Just know I’ll be waiting for a different recipe.

Just a side note, I do like several pumpkin things but they are all sweets:  like my pumpkin pie and Libby’s pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling (OMG). I could easily consume an entire one all by myself! (Consider yourself warned….)

Well, it looks like we got another drizzling of rain just in time for dinner. How nice, the air just really smells so good!



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Holy Cow!!! It’s RAINING!!!!! Yay!

It was predicted but I really doubted it based on the weather so far! It’s a miracle. Doesn’t matter how little, just the fact we got some water on the ground…YAY!!!

So, it’s not pouring, but hey! Rain! Free water from the sky is falling in an even flow!!!

And, yes, it’s something to get excited about. In the middle of a horrid drought. Yes!

I know, it won’t fix the drought, not by a very long shot, but any bit of water is such a blessing!

Okay, well that was quick and passing. Like 25 minutes…:(  But hey, RAIN!



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Yes, that’s the National Weather Forecast’s Prediction for tomorrow. Just like today and yesterday. It may get down to the low 80’s by 3 a.m. the following morning.

I am so utterly sick of heat. It’s about noon and 108F (4.5C). Miserably hot and still. There are no creatures outside making a sound. It’s like being in a very quiet, black and white (or all gray tones) Twilight Zone. And yet the sun is beaming down, like nothing is wrong. AAUUGGHHH!!

Now it’s become overcast and wind has come up. I can hear the oak tree’s branches scraping the roof and summer thunder crackling. Only problem is that the wind dies down and clouds hold in the heat. Totally oppressive and stifling. Anyways, so I’m sitting here, minding my own business (dying of the heat), trying to get my mind off of it and suddenly…no internet. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Yup, it has frozen. It’s dead. Not connected. Probably due to power outage. For almost an hour! That’s how flaming hot it is! I was on Safari. Tried Google Chrome. Got “This webpage is not available.” “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_ NO_INTERNET”. Even Firefox was out.

Swell, can’t even distract myself with the internet! :(

Okay. Could be worse. I could be a gardener. Due to the holiday, they arrived yesterday. Normally they show up on Mondays. So, yes, it could be worse.

Yay, it’s back! The internet! So now for some video distraction. Watch the Corgi’s face. Hysterical!


Summer Sizzle


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I think everyone in L.A. will agree that summer has over-stayed his/her hot welcome. Temps for the next week are forecast to be in the oppressive 100’s. Gasp! Not nice. Especially when half of your face looks like you were shoved into a brick wall, is brilliant red with purple tinges and swollen (I won’t frighten you with a photo; it’s that bad!). And particularly when one of your upper molars started screaming bloody murder this morning.

Luckily, I have a great dentist which is why I now drive over one half of an hour to see him. He actually called me back yesterday when I left a message on his special phone number for emergencies. Yes, on Labor Day! As a result, he will be squeezing me into his schedule today.

He also called in a prescription for antibiotics yesterday which my neighbor across the street, A. kindly picked up for me. I couldn’t drive if I wanted to, my right eye is so swollen. She usually goes to Trader Joe’s on Sundays or holidays and asked if I needed anything. What a saint.

Another saint in my roster is my friend S. and her sweet husband J. She couldn’t take me to the dentist tomorrow (she herself has doctor appointments) so she volunteered her husband. I really am blessed!

I need a little cheering up here so I’ll post a couple of videos. One actually hints at an upcoming post. First, your very own countdown to the end of summer right here!

And then this video of incredible fluffy cuteness!

The beautiful music in the above video is very relaxing. So too are the images. Just look at the little paws reaching for the man’s shorts to make sure he sees them. I really needed that!

Obscure Data and Antiquated Medicare


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Good grief! I’m such a bad blogger. It’s been so long since my last post. I hadn’t realized. If anyone is still out there, hello and thank you for hanging in here with me.

Actually I have a confession to make. I’ve never posted my age before because I’m getting to be an old fart and figured people wouldn’t feel any relationship to anything I have to say given all the cheery, mommy blogs out there. But having turned 65 on May 6, I’ve decided to share my age with you.

The other reason, is to let you know what’s down the road for you which actually brings me to the “why” of my blogging absence. The paperwork. OMG. You would not believe it. It’s ten times what I had before.

First, you’re inundated with junk mail from every health insurance company for three months before your birthday and over a month after that, trying to sell you supplemental insurance. Yep, you don’t get rid of insurance companies when you turn 65. They’re still there with their hand out, reaching for your pocket.

The real pain (well one of them) is that there’s no uniform understanding among the providers of what actually happens when you change over from ordinary insurance to medicare. I can’t tell you the amount of misinformation I’ve been given by every single one of these companies. What’s scary, is…if they don’t know, who does? It’s kind of like a big ole’ crap shoot.

The final icing on the cake is that Medicare does not have anything set up for you to pay online or over the phone! I was stunned. You get a bill for three months and have to pay it via snail mail. Yes, one has to write a paper check, put it in an envelope (not provided), plop a stamp on it and put it in a post box. I don’t know about you, but I pay everything online. Simple and clean, plus I have an email receipt which I store online, not in a file cabinet. Minimal paperwork.

When I asked one of the Medicare customer service people why the antiquated system. Her response was that most people over 65 either don’t have a computer or don’t understand them. I almost fell over! Talk about an outdated stereotype.

Well, I’ll stop for now, since recounting this fiasco is exhausting and I have to go through a whole batch of duplicate though incorrect bills submitted to Blue Cross.

On a totally unrelated note, this has been an odd summer weather-wise for us. It’s been fairly gracious about not hitting the 100’s but what’s strange is the high amount of humidity we’ve had almost every day. Normally it’s extremely dry but we’ve been hitting daily rates averaging 50% and above, which isn’t good. Right now, for example, the temp is 86F and the humidity is 54%. Ick, not nice.

As any of you on the East coast, Midwest or South can attest, humidity makes hot weather feel even hotter. Usually we’re so lucky to have humidity in the single digits. Not this summer. Plus, the National Weather service has been issuing flash flood alerts like crazy this summer. Apparently there’s some system hovering over So Cal that is very unstable. I guess that accounts for the high humidity of late.

At about 6:45 a.m. (EDT) we had our second full moon for the month of July also known as a blue moon. News flash: there won’t be any more blue moons till 2018! How weird is that? Three years! Well, that’s it for today, I’ll leave you with this humorous photo. Enjoy!



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