A Night Here….



…a Life There.

Cowboy boots

Photo Source…no clue, but have always loved this photo with the rainbow shitkickers.

Happy 4th.

My life is disintegrating before me. Everything I thought was real and true is gone. Yes, totally gone. I am out of money. The safety net I always thought I had is gone. Even my brother in CT. is in dire straights so he can’t help me.

So what now? I’ve been playing with ideas for a vlog or post about what happens when you get older. Stuff no one ever prepared you for! Seriously, you’re waltzed down the aisle of life and suddenly, swiftly…BAM! And it’s not Emeril.

So, to make a potentially long story short, I’ll only go into it very briefly here. I’m going to sell off what I still have and I have some nice stuff. This will take some time, and I have a limited time to do this. The rent is due and I only have about half of it. So I’m setting up a Patreon account which I’ll publish and have more things going on so stay tuned.

Oh, and btw I’m selling my 2000 BMW 540i sedan which has less than 130,000 miles on it too, since I haven’t driven in 2 years. More tomorrow. Exhausted now. I really need one of these….

Cupcake Madness

Photo Source…sorry, same problem.

Anyway…more later.

Salmon Brittle…Yum!


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Yes, you read that correctly. Lol. One of the Youtube channels I watch is “Gone To The Snow Dogs” (they have a few other channels) with three wonderful Siberian Huskies. As you may or may not know I’ve enjoyed the company of six Siberians over the years. No, not all at once, two to three at the most. So I’m a sucker for anything with these fur babies.

This weekend, I stopped by Gone To The Snow Dogs and as Youtube does, it showed episodes (still can’t believe there are any left) that I hadn’t seen, including a video with the above title. Yes! Salmon brittle! Lol!

Jessica, their owner (no affiliation) often posts vids on treats she tries, dreams up and makes. This was one of them. Well, I love salmon in all forms and am sure any of my past Sibs would have dived at that container of salmon brittle or even jumped up on me in an attempt to wrangle it from my hands…really!

But it’s a brilliant idea, so I wanted to share it with you.

If you’re on your first-ever puppers, you should know there are things your dog cannot have because of potential toxicity like chocolate. Do your homework on this please.

What I like about Jessica’s treats is the lack of complicated instructions or pricy ingredients. Well, Demings red sockeye salmon currently costs over $10.00 for a 14.5 ounce can at my local Vons. 😦 Hard to buy even for me, but then my pups were a different story. They were worth every penny I had for all the joy they brought me. xo

While I was floating around Jessica’s site I found another recipe with “all” of three (yes 3!) ingredients and since we’re going into summer, I thought your honeybuns might like these frozen snacks. So, I give you “Frozen Tuna Cubes”. I think my pups would have melted into puddles of joy at these icy delights here in the hellish Southern California summers.

It uses only three pet-friendly ingredients…plus, no baking!! How can you beat that? As you know, we’ve now entered the period of time when I will die before I turn on the oven (because, were I to turn it on, I WOULD die, of the heat)! Yup, no oven for me till next December…sadly. We’ve entered the “cold salad ONLY” period of food. Okay, maybe a sunny side up egg with bacon (luv!!!) on top of the stove every now and then in the cooler morning temps, but that’s it. No oven for the next six months!

I do hope you like these treats and check Jessica’s vlog out since she has a load of easy and different (not all flour and grain baked biscuit-type) treats that your four-legged fur babies might enjoy. xo




Every now and then I come across a photo like this that I find so lovely and I simply have to share it. In this case, I must also share a blog that I’ve followed for a long time and really enjoy. Content in a Cottage often has beautiful photos and links that rarely, if ever, disappoint. I never met Rosemary, who authors the blog, I just like her work. This particular photo reminds me of a Maxfield Parrish.

Just for comparison, look at this lovely piece.


Bacon and Eggs Pan Pie


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Well, we’ve had some lovely grey days lately. Today had a nice bonus because it was rainy too! Found this video and thought I’d share because it seems perfect for a day like today. I get a kick out of the cooking videos these guys make. Sometimes the vids are over the top but this one just makes me want to curl up with a cozy blanket in front of the screen drooling. Oh and this isn’t food one can eat everyday, but once in a blue moon, I say indulge. Life is short.

Personally,  I could have done without the crushed potato chips. Probably would have put a layer of homemade or at least Pillsbury refrigerator biscuits on top with the shredded cheese. Mmmmmm! I would also skip the maple syrup, I’m not a big sweet person when eating something savory. What do you think? Me, I’d be happy as a pig in slop as the saying goes.

I also have another cozy dish for you. I ran across it yesterday and was blown away by the pastry. So amazingly flakey! And easy!

You can find more info on this amazing dough here.

As an added bonus I’m including a short recipe, also by Chef John (no affiliation). It’s his version of puff pastry which might be kind of fun to play with and not intimidating like other similar recipes. If you’re feeling super indulgent, make these with the sausage gravy from your favorite biscuits and gravy recipe. It’ll probably be a little bite of heaven. We all need a bit of that. Enjoy!

Photo Source.

Dreamy Corner and More Raspberries


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I could curl up here so easily! Just so inviting…sigh.

Do you ever wonder about the power of a universal mindset or whatever it is they call it? You know, the thing where all of a sudden everyone is focused on the same subject and not because they’ve all watched a Fox News video…? Well, raspberries seem to be what keeps surfacing in my consciousness and on video right now. Hmmm…and mmmmm.

So today, I was checking on some of my favorite YouTube channels and what pops up? Yes, raspberries. Specifically raspberry scones…again! So I bring you that video recipe:

Oh, and maybe in a future post I’ll write a dear little story of summer and growing up and the a neighbor’s raspberry patch. Berry happy memories.  😀  Sorry, I couldn’t resist…. Enjoy! Oh, and if you want to see more wonderfully cozy reading nooks, check this out.

*oops…thought I saved the location of this from a Pin on Pinterest but it appears I didn’t. 😦  If anyone knows the link please let me know, I’m 99% positive it was from a google search with the link to a Pinterest link, but as I said, darned if I can find it again! Instead, maybe enjoy these cozy spots.

More Yum!


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Here are just a few more wonders I ran across in my search for raspberry baking nirvana:


Aren’t these just enchanting? If you watch the second one with the blue berries, you’ll be amazed at the amount of work in those little berries…but the payoff, is so wonderful!

As you can guess, I won’t be making any of these, I’m simply happy to enjoy their beauty and admire the patience of the artist who created these. Frankly, I’ll just be happy to eat my raspberry stash “au natural”. Enjoy the videos even if you’ll never make these wonders!

P.S. No affiliation or “kickback” btw, just pure admiration!



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Raspberries were on sale in the grocery (a rare, rare occurrence) so on my little internet safari this weekend I focused on recipes where they were the stars. You don’t need to twist my arm, not even a little bit. Here’s some of what I’ve found:

As I said these are the gems out of many found, at least IMHO. Who knows if I’ll ever make them, but I do love to dream, don’t you? If you actually act on your dreams and make one of these, send a pic my way so I can add it’s beauty to this post to inspire myself and others! Happy weekend and thank you for reading! 😀

Deus ex Machina


(Sorry, no pics today. It’s just a newsy kind of post.)

Yes, magic is involved today with the computer and Von’s website, Vons.com. I had started a new order and was looking through things for what to make in the coming weeks and felt like some kind of rice mix. So I entered an order for one box of Near East couscous and one of Rice-a-Roni. I left the room after glancing at the current cost of what was in my “basket” and it totaled $91.42.

When I came back, I refreshed the page only to discover 1 to 5 of every rice mix in the category ordered and my total cost was now $412.87!! Holy cow! Talk about “magic”. When I tried calling their 887 number, it, of course, was busy. So I tried to start removing items and I couldn’t! Good thing I don’t need the order for tomorrow. I’d hate to be one of their IT people who has to fix this snafu! Lol!

Whoa…just checked another section of the website, Fruits. Every single item showed (again) at least 1 to 5 items ordered! Plus, I need to sign back in…but it won’t let me. I’m so glad I’m not on their IT team!! 🙂

So here I am, six hours later and the website is final working again, yay!

Baking Hack!



Ok, hello and how are you today? I just came across a mind-bending kitchen hack for something I absolutely hate doing. Combining cold butter into flour for a baking recipe. Hate using this:

This article explains how and makes me crazy because I’ve never had any success with it, just a big clump clinging to the cutter. Very sad.

Well, those days are over. While researching Raspberry Scone recipes I came across an idea that is genius and my days of limited pastry making are over…yay! Just go here for the video.

Ok, so you may know this already but since I didn’t I’m sharing in case there’s someone else out there like me who’d be very happy with this info. 🙂

Oh, and here are a few other links to really yummy sounding raspberry scones. Enjoy and have fun baking:

Raspberry Cream Scones

Raspberry Scone Recipe

White Chocolate Raspberry Scones (and I happened to get a bag of white chocolate chips “free” with a recent Vons.com order…so yum!) This could be your Sunday brunch treats!